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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1889


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Morrison, W. H., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1889
Bulletin No. 3
Madison, WI: Western Farmer Co., Printers and Publishers, 1889

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[Blank pages]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1889

University of Wisconsin: Board of Regents, p. [i]

Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes--1889-'90, p. [ii]

Table of contents, p. [iii]

Index to advertisers, p. [iv]

Preface, pp. [v]-vi

Letter of transmittal, Morrison, W. H., et al. pp. [vii]-xi

Law providing for agricultural institutes, p. [xii]

Short course in agriculture, King, F. H. pp. [xiii]-xiv

Closing Farmers' Institute--1889: Waukesha, Wis., March 26-28, pp. [1] ff.

Small fruits on the farm, Hamilton, C. H. pp. [3]-7

The farmer's fruit garden, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 7-11

Signs of progress in horticulture, Hoxie, B. S. pp. 12-13

Decorative horticulture, Currie, Jas. pp. 14-17

Soiling vs permanent pasture, Smith, Hiram pp. 17-24

Practical experience with ensilage, Van Kirk, Weldon pp. 24-30

The profits of dairy farming, Gernon, S. A. pp. 30-33

Dairying and beef production, Beach, C. R. pp. 33-39

Advantages of the creamery system, Hoard, A. R. pp. 39-43

Advantages of cheese production, Fleming, T. J. pp. 43-45

Farming to a purpose or at cross-purposes, Smith, Hiram pp. 45-51

How to make brick cheese, Fleming, T. J. pp. 51-53

Dairy farming, Robertson, Jas. W. pp. 54-59

The elaboration of milk and butter-making, Robertson, Jas. W. pp. 60-62

Feeding hogs to produce best results, Louis, Theo. pp. 62-64

The science of pig feeding, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 64-66

Care of brood sows and young pigs, Wylie, Geo. pp. 67-69

Feeding swine for market, Convey, Thos. pp. 69-81

Can we grow beef profitably on high-priced land?, Thom, H. C. pp. 81-83

Management of pregnant animals, Atkinson, V. T. pp. 84-86

Care of the brood mare, Fox, A. O. pp. 86-92

Breeding draft horses, Thompson, S. D. pp. 92-98

The farmer's horse, True, John M. pp. 98-101

Raising sheep for mutton, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 101-103

Poultry on the farm, Turner, J. E. pp. 104-106

Life on the farm, Charlton, H. H. pp. 106-110

The coming farmer, Gordon, C. E. pp. 110-114

The needs of our public schools, Thom, H. C. pp. 114-117

Domestic economy, Clark, J. A. pp. 117-123

The farmer as a citizen, Hoard, W. D. pp. 123-129 ff.

One way to increase farm profits, Goff, E. S. pp. [131]-134

Working country roads, Fargo, Robert pp. 135-136

Tile drainage on the farm, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 137-140

Grape growing as a profession, Fox, Wm. pp. 140-141

Butter-making on the farm, Darrow, A. H. pp. 142-144

How to make an incubator, Parsons, F. E. pp. 144-146

Look after the boy, Hobart, Carrie S. pp. 146-149

Shall I build a silo?, Adams, L. H. pp. 149-158

How I became a dairy farmer, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 159-164

Successful corn culture, Strahl, O. pp. 165-167

Importance of sheep on the farm, Pelton, S. A. pp. 168-169

Chickens from shell to griddle, Rose, W. H. pp. 169-172

The business farmer, Hale, J. H. pp. 172-177

How to feed a farmer, Rhodes, J. pp. 177-178

Clover for fertility and feed, Guy, Chas. V. pp. 179-181

Money in small fruits, Hale, J. H. pp. 181-186

Breeding and feeding Shorthorns, Wakem, P. pp. 187-190

[University of Wisconsin: advances of the past two years], pp. [191]-196

Breeders' directory, pp. 197-[202]

[Advertisements], pp. 203-288 ff.

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