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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1888


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Morrison, W. H., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1888
Bulletin No. 2
Madison, WI: Western Farmer Co., Printers and Publishers, 1888

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[Blank pages]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1888, pp. [i]-[ii]

Table of contents, p. [iii]

Index to advertisements, p. [iv]

Law providing for agricultural institutes, p. [v]

Letters of transmittal, Smith, Hiram; Morrison, W. H. pp. [v]-vi

Preface, Morrison, W. H. pp. [vii]-[viii]

University of Wisconsin, pp. [ix]-[xv]

The short course in agriculture, Henry, W. A. p. xvi

State industrial associations, pp. [xvii]-xviii

Breeders' directory, pp. xix-xxviii

University of Wisconsin. Board of Regents

List of Farmers' Institutes, 1888-9

Closing Farmers' Institute--1888: Madison, Wis., pp. [unnumbered]-xxxii

The horticulture of Wisconsin, Hoxie, B. S. pp. [1]-4

Market gardening, Smith, J. M. pp. 4-8

Raspberry and blackberry culture, Hamilton, C. H. pp. 9-10

The farmer's fruit garden, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 11-16

Potato culture, Scott, Kennedy pp. 16-19

Experience in potato raising, Anderson, Matt pp. 19-23

Grain raising, Hill, Geo. C. pp. 23-26

Wisconsin's agriculture, Norton, F. B. pp. 27-31

Reorganization of the weather service, Chamberlin, T. C. pp. 31-35

Industrial education, Chamberlain, W. I. pp. 36-42

Field corn culture, Sayre, D. F. pp. [43]-46

Fodder and ensilage corn, Gould, John pp. 46-49

Experience with fodder corn and the silo, Smith, Hiram pp. 49-54

Silo and ensilage experience, Beach, Chas. R. pp. 54-58

The best crop for ensilage--its cost, Austin, Geo. A. pp. 58-59

Three years' experience with silos, Weeks, H. S. pp. 60-61

The silo in Eau Claire County, Coolidge, S. E. pp. 62-64

Ensilage for fattening cattle, Guy, C. V. pp. 64-67

My experience with ensilage, Urquhart, John pp. 67-68

Experience in Taylor County, Adams, G. W. pp. 68-71

Experience in Winnebago County, Van Kirk, W. B. pp. 71-75

Does the silo and ensilage pay?, Foster, J. H. pp. 76-78

Telling facts in favor of ensilage, Beach, Chas. R. pp. 79-80

The building of silos, Gould, John pp. 80-90

The cattle industry, Smith, J. McLain pp. [91]-95

Summer feeding, Thom, H. C. pp. 96-101

Profits in beef production, Arnold, A. A. pp. 101-104

Merits of the Jersey, Hacker, T. L. pp. 104-105

Merits of the Shorthorn, Harding, Geo. pp. 105-107

Merits of the Holstein, Urquhart, John pp. 107-110

Merits of the Jersey, Bryant, Geo. E. pp. 110-111

Merits of Red Polled cattle, Keyes, E. W. pp. 112-116

Merits of Galloway cattle, Kirkpatrick, J. C. pp. 116-118

Merits of the Guernseys, Gordon, G. E. pp. 118-120

The raising of calves, Robertson, J. W. pp. 121-123

Why Adam left the farm, Barlow, V. R. C. pp. [124]-128

Agricultural education, Henry, W. A. pp. 128-132

Farm residues, Miles, Manly pp. 133-137

Advice and breed, Horr, R. G. pp. 138-140

The farmer's duty to his school, Garfield, C. W. pp. 140-143

The apiary, Hills, Mrs. pp. 143-149

The carriage horse, Fox, A. O. pp. [150]-153

Horse-breeding in Wisconsin, True, John M. pp. 154-159

The trotting roadster, Blake, S. M. pp. 159-164

Breeding trotting horses, Brooks, Seymour pp. 164-168

The conformation of the horse, Atkinson, V. T. pp. 168-172

What cow does the dairyman need?, Hoard, W. D. pp. [173]-178

Money returns for food consumed, Beach, Chas. R. pp. 178-182

Dairying for profit, Fuller, E. G. pp. 182-188

Equalizing dairy production, Smith, Hiram pp. 188-190

Shall farmers' wives make butter?, Gould, John pp. 190-193

Butter-making on the farm, Curtis, F. C. pp. 193-196

My experience in dairying, Goodrich, C. P. pp. 196-199

Economy on the dairy farm, Morrison, S. B. pp. 199-202

Exhibitions and prize butter, Robertson, Jas. W. pp. 203-205

Farmers as business men and citizens, Adams, H. C. pp. 206-213

Industrial education for our girls, Gault, L. B. C. pp. 214-220

To improve our country social life, Clark, J. A. pp. 220-226

Sheep husbandry, Wilkinson, H. J. pp. 231-234

Experience in sheep-raising, Ames, W. L. pp. 234-237

The handling of sheep, Hatch, C. A. pp. 237-241

Sheep in Wisconsin agriculture, McKerrow, Geo. pp. 241-245

Status of sheep-raising to-day, Craig, A. H. pp. 245-249

To beginners in sheep husbandry, Cole, Harrison pp. 250-253

The coming hog, Louis, Theo. pp. 254-259

Swine-raising in Wisconsin, Wylie, Geo. pp. 260-262

Plan for a model hog-house, Adams, L. H. pp. 263-266

Closing Remarks, p. 267

[Advertisements], pp. 268-[354] ff.

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