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Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1887


Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes. Morrison, W. H., Editor
Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1887
Bulletin No. 1
Madison, WI: Democrat Printing Company, State Printers, 1887

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[Blank pages]

[Title page] Wisconsin Farmers' Institutes, 1887, p. [1]

Contents, p. [2]

Index to advertisements, p. [3]

University of Wisconsin, Board of Regents, p. [4]

Letters of transmittal, Morrison, W. H.; Smith, Hiram pp. [5]-6

Preface, pp. [7]-[10]

The University of Wisconsin, pp. [11]-[14]

Attention, young farmers: the short course in agriculture, at the University of Wisconsin, Henry, W. A. p. [15]

University of Wisconsin. Department of Agriculture--Farmers' Institutes, p. [16]

Transactions, with accompanying papers and discussions of the sample Farmers' Institute, held at Green Bay March 28, 29, and 30, 1887, p. [17]

Address of welcome, Sale, L. B. pp. [17]-18

Response, Faville, Stephen pp. 19-21

Clover as a fertilizer, Terry, T. B. pp. 21-24

Clover, Cheever, D. G. pp. 25-26

Experiments with clover, Roberts, I. P. pp. 27-29

Recuperative agriculture, Roberts, I. P. pp. 30-33

Discussion on clover, Smith, J. M. pp. 34-44

Bee-keeping on the farm, Hatch, C. A. pp. 45-48

Fastening ends and binding edges, Barlow, R. C. pp. 48-51

The education for farmers' daughters, Clapp, Miss pp. 51-58

The economy of sheep husbandry, Wilinkson, H. J. pp. 59-63

Our Spanish Merino, Kull, Andrew, Jr. pp. 64-69

Management of sheep, Williams, Daniel pp. 69-75

Egg production, Tilson, Ida E. pp. 75-79

Poultry, Byers, F. W., pp. 80-85

Thought and application in farming, Hoard, W. D. pp. 85-90

Horses for the farm and the market, Guy, C. V. pp. 90-95

The horse to make the most money, Austin, Geo. A. pp. 95-97

Horses for the farm and market, True, John M. pp. 98-107

Breeding and management of swine, Louis, Theodore pp. 107-112

Experiments in hog feeding, Henry, W. A. pp. 112-122

Mixed farming, Barkhausen, A. pp. 122-125

Growing winter wheat, Terry, T. B. pp. 126-129

Grain raising, Williams, Daniel pp. 129-131

Galloway or Scotch Doddies, Kirkpatrick, J. C. pp. 132-136

The assessment and collection of taxes, Rewey, J. W. pp. 137-142

Does knowledge pay?, Hoard, W. D. pp. 142-148

Breeding and care of cattle, Harding, George pp. 149-150

The principles of breeding, Arnold, A. A. pp. 151-154

The family cow, Clapp, J. J. pp. 154-158

Breeding and care of cattle, Kiser, J. C. pp. 158-161

Jerseys, Austin, George A. pp. 161-162

Some noted Jersey cows, Hacker, T. L. pp. 162-170

Five points in corn culture, p. 170

Fertility, Cheever, D. G. pp. 170-171

Seed corn, Gould, John pp. 171-173

Preparation of the soil, Sayer, Mr. pp. 173-174

How to plant and cultivate, Williams, Daniel pp. 174-175

Harvesting and feeding corn, Henry, Prof. pp. 175-178

Fruit culture, p. 178

Strawberries, Smith, J. M. pp. 178-180

The blackberry, Hamilton, C. H. pp. 180-182

Apples, Plumb, J. C. pp. 182-185

Orcharding, Kellogg, Geo. J. pp. 185-189

Russian fruits, Tuttle, A. G. pp. 190-191

Seedings, Peffer, Peter pp. 191-193

The dairy cow--how shall we know her?, Hoard, W. D. pp. 193-197

Butter making as a fine art, Robertson, E. A. pp. 198-201

The dairy, Bragg, A. M. pp. 202-208

Shall we build a silo?, Weeks, H. S. pp. 208a-208g

The results of feeding ensilage, Shultz, Aug. pp. 208h-208j

Butter making and feeding ensilage, Curtis, F. C. pp. 208j-208p

Our country roads, Fargo, Robert pp. 209-215

The dairy industry of Wisconsin, Smith, J. A. pp. 215-221

Agricultural education, Smith, Hiram pp. 222-224

List of Institute workers, post-office addresses and subjects, pp. [225]-227

The reason why, pp. 228-230

[Advertisements], pp. 231-288 ff.

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