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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest


The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume III. Number 4
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Publishing Co., January, 1875

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[Cover] The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest

Principal contents

New iron frame double circular saw-mill. A description of interest to practical mill men--a fine product of the Reliance Works of E. P. Allis and Co.

[Title page] The Wisconsin lumberman

To Wisconsin lumberman readers

The log crop in Brown County, Lindsley, W. P. pp. [unnumbered]-202

The Green Bay district, pp. 202-203

The St. Croix Valley. Review of its logging and lumbering operations for 1874, pp. 204-206

The Quebec circular, pp. 207-209

Comparative statement of the supply, export, and stock of lumber, to the 1st December, for the years, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1873, and 1874, respectively,--with averages of the same period, and five years preceeding, pp. 210-211

The far west. The climate of Oregon and its peculiarities, pp. 212-214

The east shore. Lumber product of the east shore of Lake Michigan for the present season, pp. 214-215

Wisconsin notes, p. 216

Sturgeon Bay. The region described from the lumberman's point of view, pp. 217-219

Difficulty of banking logs this season, p. 219

Protests against reciprocity. What American lumbermen think of it, pp. 220-231

Enforcing a change, p. 232

Logging in Brown County. The crop for 1875--the amount of standing pine--the season's prospects, Lindsley, M. P. p. 233

Wisconsin's geology. Professor Lapham's progress under the surface, pp. 234-235

Boiler explosions. Latest contribution of science to an all important subject, pp. 236-238

Hints on watering horses, p. 238

No luck about it, p. 238

Frosted panes, p. 238

The advantage of English over American railways, p. 239

The Albany lumber trade. The business done in 1874--stocks reserved--etc., etc., Wait, B. pp. 240-242

Tempering steel, pp. 242-243

The lumber trade of St. Louis, p. 243

Railroad building for 1874. The notable year of reaction from the railroad mania, pp. 244-245

Alaska timber. Ship building on the Pacific Coast, pp. 246-247

Toledo lumber. The lumber trade of Toledo for the year 1874--total amount of lumber sold in the past year--a falling off of about 20 per cent, from the trade of 1873, p. 247

A mint of wealth. The boundaries of the "big bonanza silver mine--one of it's millionaire owners thinks it may be worth $1,500,000,000, p. 247

Iron boat building in Milwaukee. Sketch of Mr. Maurice Campbell's establishment--an enterprise that will be a great benefit to the Cream City boiler building, p. 248

Jack Burdeen's spruce, pp. 249-250

Huron Boom Company. Election of directors for the ensuing year--some interesting figures of work accomplished, p. 250

Lumber. The product of the Chippewa Valley, Wis., for 1871, p. 251

Otter Lake. The business in logs and lumber at Otte [Otter] Lake and vicinity, S. O. S. p. 251

Williamsport lumber. Review of the traffic for 1874--shipments from Williamsport and other points, pp. 252-253

Out of the woods. The Grand Rapids, Greenville and Alpena Railroad project, pp. 253-254

The lumbermen's remonstrance, pp. 254-255

Lumberman notes, p. 256

Lumber transportation. Green vs. dry--rough vs. manipulated or dressed, pp. 257-258

Circumstantial evidence, p. 258

After dinner eloquence. What Mr. W. M. Grosvenor of the St. Louis Democrat has to say of the press, and its connection with the prosperity of St. Louis--a quiet crow over Chicago, p. 259

Figaro's frolies, p. 259

Talk with an engineer. Work of the men who send us along on our travels, pp. 260-263

Sporting notes, pp. 263-264

Timber supply of the southern states, p. 265

The Sheboygan Manufacturing Company, Sheboygan, Wis., p. 266

Lumber market, pp. 267-268

[Advertisements], pp. 269-[291]

Lumbermen's register, pp. 292-312 ff.

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