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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest


Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr., Editor
The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume II. Number 2
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Lumberman Publishing Co., May, 1874

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[Cover] The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest

Principal contents

[Title page] The Wisconsin lumberman

The log drive, pp. [unnumbered]-114

The prospects for an advance in prices, pp. 114-115

Pine lands, pp. 116-117

The Wisconsin River Improvement Co.'s work, pp. 117-118

The sheering boom patent case aga, pp. 118-119

Popularity of the Wisconsin lumberman, p. 119

Staves--dimensions, etc., p. 120

The steel consumers at Washington, pp. 120-121

Lumber in Canada. Statistics of lumber on hand in Canada, March 10th, 1874, and the quantity manufacturers expect to make during the season of 1874, as gathered and reported by Capt. S. M. Hurd for H. W. Sage and Co., of Albany, N. Y., Hurd, S. M. pp. 121-122

On the Wisconein [Wisconsin] River. Fine stage of water for running rafts--amount of water to be run out between Knowiton and Plover River, p. 123

Destruction of timber, pp. 123-124

The removal of forests, pp. 124-125

Medford, Wis., pp. 125-126

Removal of scale in steam boilers, p. 126

Concerning lumber. Shipments from the Saginaw River during the past month--the market, pp. 126-127

The Cass drive, p. 127

Patents and improvements in the lumber trade, pp. 127-128

Tannic acid as a wood preservative, p. 128

Important log suit. The question of title raised in an important suit to replevy logs cut by Indians on the Oneida Reservation--the United States versus George Cook--eloquent argument by Messrs. Smith and Stark, Smith; Stark pp. 129-134

The hemlock forests of Wisconsin, p. 134

The diamond tooth saw. Stone-sawing extraordinary--a valuable invention by J. W. Branch, Esq., of St. Louis, Branch, J. W. pp. 135-136

The drive of logs, pp. 136-137

Raftsmen drowned. Three men find a watery grave at Little Bull Falls--death of Michael Stafford, p. 137

The Green Bay and Minnesota Railroad. A trip over one of Wisconsin's new lumber routes--new enterprises going forward and old ones revived--a glance at certain water powers, lumber manufactures and other businesses, pp. 138-140

Our former and present timber supply, pp. 140-141

Uses of timber in the arts, pp. 142-143

Tree growing in Colorado, Meeker, N. C. p. 143

Mayor Ludington's possibilities, pp. 143-144

Northwestern lumberman's convention, pp. 145-146

Manufactories at Alpena, Michigan, p. 146

Pine lands. Meeting of the Michigan Timber Association at the council chamber yesterday--the adoption of the articles of association and by-laws--names of the present members of the association, etc., pp. 147-148

Pumping engine capacity, pp. 148-150

Logs on the Pere Marquette River, p. 150

Hand-cut files, pp. 151-154

Philetus Sawyer, p. 154

Log driving in Michigan, p. 154

The Woodbury patent, pp. 155-156

Reliance Works of E. P. Allis and Co. A monument to the sagacity, industry and nerve of Mr. E. P. Allis--an evidence of Milwaukee's manufacturing importance--the largest works of the kind in the United States under individual contract, pp. 157-158

Chippewa County, Wisconsin. One of the great lumber counties of the state--one million and a half acres of pine land in the county--one of the largest saw mills in the United States, pp. 158-159

The national association. Its indispensible importance to lumbermen--preparations for its organization next June at Williamsport, Pa.--What the "Boston lumber trade" has done towards this step and its views upon the subject, pp. 160-161

Eau Claire River drive, p. 161

New lumber machinery, pp. 162-164

The Baraboo stave factory, p. 165

Logs and lumber. The season's operations in the Chippewa Valley--statistics of the amount of logs banked during the winter--the probable yield of lumber not as large as last year, pp. 166-169

Lumbermen's association. Annual meeting of the lumberman's association of the Saginaw Valley--election of officers, etc., pp. 170-171

Lumber shipments from Williamsport, Pa. Large increase in the amount shipped this year as compared with corresponding season in 1873--lumber market firm--manufacturers are encouraged--the lumber traffic of 1874 will largely exceed that of any previous year, pp. 172-173

Opening of a U. S. land office, p. 173

Lumber afloat on the Wisconsin, p. 173

Lumber at Ludington, Mich., p. 174

National association, pp. 175-176

Late patents and improvements in the lumber trade, pp. 176-177

Effect of the new tariff law on the lumber trade of Milwaukee, p. 177

Shin plasters in the Maine lumber region, p. 177

The fire record. Seventy-five thousand dollars worth of property saved by a Babcock fire extinguisher, p. 178

Injustice of the new statute to new roads and to the lumber traffic, pp. 178-179

Business prospects in Michigan, pp. 179-180

Hard woods, p. 180

Incrustation of steam boilers. Discussion before the Master Mechanics' meeting in Chicago May 12--various remedies suggested for prevention of incrustation of steam boilers, pp. 181-183

The measurement of flowing water, pp. 183-185

Oconto, p. 185

The northwestern lumberman, p. 186

Advance in prices, p. 186

Edwin Browne's national dramatic company, p. 187

The markets, pp. 188-191

[Advertisements], pp. 192-[209]

Lumbermen's register, pp. 210-232 ff.

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