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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest


Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr., Editor
The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume II. Number 1
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Lumberman Publishing Co., April, 1874

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[Cover] The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest

Principle contents

[Title page] The Wisconsin lumberman, p. [1]

The log crop of 1874, pp. [1]-4

The national association, p. 4

Rules of inspection of the Chicago Lumberman's Board of Trade, 1874, pp. 5-8

The sheering boom patent case, pp. 8-9

"Section II", p. 9

Volume II, p. 9

A new saw mill, p. 9

The Kilbourn Dam suit, p. 10

Poetic justice, p. 10

Lumbermen's register, p. 10

An opinion, p. 11

A prominent lumberman's view of the situation. No lack of logs for the summer's sawing--a larger amount in pile at the principal distributing markets than ever before--manufacturers should delay shipping--the activity of the market, pp. 12-13

Amount of pine lands in Wisconsin, pp. 13-14

Milwaukee's lumberman mayor, p. 14

Lumber trade at the east, p. 15

Toll rates on the Wisconsin, p. 15

The opening of inland navigation and its effects on business, pp. 15-16

Responsibility of indorsers [endorsers], p. 16

Summer prospects for lumbermen, pp. 17-18

Lock haven lumber trade, p. 18

An important law, p. 19

Sheering boom controversy. Statements of an officer of the Eau Claire Lumber Company, pp. 20-23

National association of the lumber trade, pp. 23-24

Annual meeting of the Eau Claire Lumber Company, pp. 24-25

Timber culture, p. 25

Logs and lumber at Alpena, p. 25

The Michigan Land Association. The meeting at Lansing, March 10 and 11--pine land owners in attendance--the proposed organization--articles of association, pp. 26-29

Soft weather in Michigan. The prospect of an early opening--the manufacturers and dealers of Manistee, F. W. H. p. 29

[Heavy re-sawer], pp. 30-31

Chicago and Michigan lake shore railroad. Tribute to its projectors--description of the road--its relation to the lumber interest of Michigan, pp. 31-32

A large overstock in St. Louis. Delay in the opening of the market for white pine--a suggestion of the "Wisconsin lumberman" indorsed [endorsed], Methudy; Meyer p. 32

Chicago Lumberman's Board of Trade, pp. 33-36

Hemlock extract factories in Michigan, pp. 36-37

An independent railroad. What the Chippewa Valley must have, p. 37

Chicago's lumber trade. The business done last season and prospects for the next--firms engaged in the business--their history, location and classification, pp. 38-45

Doors, sash, etc., at South Bend, Ind., p. 45

Southern lumber fields, Eitzgerrell, J. J. pp. 46-47

Cultivation of timber. Message from the President of the United States--Resolution by the American Association for the Advancement of Science--communication from the commissioner of the General Land Office, pp. 48-53

Marquette Lumber Co., p. 53

What constitutes a car-load, p. 53

Milwaukee's wood-working industries. Planting mill, box and pump factory of Brockhaus and Bradley--reformation of the Menomonee marsh and other prodigals--Mr. S. A. Bradley as a temperance reformer, pp. 54-55

Yellow pine business of Pensacola, Florida, p. 55

The solid nonpareil hardware merchant of the west. Opening of the largest hardware store in the world--one of Milwaukee's go-ahead citizens receives an ovation from go-ahead Milwaukee--what all the papers say about it, pp. 56-63

Milwaukee's wholesale grocery trade. Goodrich, Terro and Co.--History of the house--its methods of doing business--progress and enterprise on a conservative foundation, pp. 64-65

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., p. 65

Eagle Rapids boom. Near completion of this great enterprise, pp. 66-67

Improvement bills that passed the Wisconsin legislature, p. 67

Michigan mill owners' meeting. Meeting of mill owners and shippers on the Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw Railroad at Bay City, pp. 68-69

Leaking of flues in steam boilers, pp. 69-70

Sales of logs on the Chippewa, p. 70

The log cut of Michigan. The log cut of the past season--indications for the season's trade, pp. 70-71

Blessed be the tree planter, p. 71

A sunday service, p. 72

An old tree, p. 72

Prices for the coming season, pp. 72-73

The mills of Manistee. A Michigan lumber town with a manufacturing capacity of two hundred million feet--list of its mills and firms--schedule of the past winter's logging operations, pp. 73-74

Glasgow timber trade, p. 74

Timber in Tennessee, Winchester, S. M. pp. 74-75

Tenoning machinery, p. 76

The new railroad tariff and the Wisconsin Central, pp. 77-78

Among the saw logs, pp. 78-79

Portage Lumber Company, p. 79

Increase of lumber interests on the Connecticut River, p. 79

Patents and improvements in the lumber trade, pp. 80-81

Undine, p. 81

"Michigan pine", pp. 82-83

Undine, p. 83

Lumber markets, pp. 84-[87]

The Pine Land Owners Convention, p. [87]

[Advertisements], pp. 88-[104]

Lumbermen's register, pp. 105-112 ff.

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