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The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest


Northrop, E. B.; Chittenden, H. A., Jr., Editor
The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest
Volume I. Number 5
Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Lumberman Publishing Co., February, 1874

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[Cover] The Wisconsin lumberman, devoted to the lumbering interests of the northwest

Principal contents

[Frontispiece] Map of the Milwaukee and St. Louis air line railway

[Title page] The Wisconsin lumberman

The Milwaukee and St. Louis air line railway, pp. [unnumbered]-277

The winter's work, pp. 277-278

Fair warning to manufacturers of lumber. Condition and prospects of the trade in the Northwest, pp. 278-280

Annual statement of receipts and sales of lumber at the Chicago market for the years 1872 and 1873, and the stock on hand January 1st, 1874, p. 281

The Hinkley power swaging machine, pp. 282-283

The spring trade, pp. 284-285

E. B. Ward and the lumber trade of Milwaukee, pp. 285-286

The Wisconsin lumberman. What its exchanges say about it, pp. 286-287

Secretary's report to the Chicago lumberman's exchange, Southworth, W. L. p. 287

Minneapolis lumber report, p. 288

Shawano, Wis., pp. 289-290

Sconto, Wis., p. 291

Annual statement of receipts and sales of lumber at the St. Louis market for the years 1872 and 1873, and the stock on hand January 1st, 1874, p. 292

The wolf and its tributaries, p. 293

The Grange monopoly, pp. 293-294

Future lumber interests of Ashland, Wis., p. 294

Stowell's new gang lath and picket-mill and gang bolter, pp. 295-297

Pneumatic conductors for shavings, pp. 297-298

Patents and improvements in the lumber trade, p. 298

The Albany lumber market. Review of the trade for the past year--the relation of this market ot those of Canada and Michigan--prospects of a diminished supply and improved prices--stock on hand less that it has been for several years, pp. 299-300

The Wisconsin and its tributaries. What is being done this winter in the Wisconsin River pinery--estimate from twenty-six camps--activity oh [on] the line of the Wisconsin Central--30,000,000 feet of logs to be cut within reach of Stevens Point, pp. 300-302

Timber products of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Utilization of the hard woods of Baraboo Valley--operations of the Baraboo Manufacturing Company--Production of furniture. Barrels and staves, and implements, p. 302

Belt contact at high speeds, pp. 302-303

Railroads and lumbering in Michigan. The anticipations of St. Louis and its neighbors--lumbering operations and prospects, p. 303

The Green Bay pinery, p. 303

Tenoning, p. 304

Steamboat race on the Mississippi River, Twain, Mark; Warner, Charles Dudley pp. 305-308

Sacramento beet sugar factory, p. 308

Vast extent of the Sacramento valley, p. 308

Prospect of a diminished crop in Michigan. What is being done in the pineries--the log crop to be less than anticipated--the need of a diversity of industries--the prediction of the "Wisconsin lumberman" about to be verified, p. 309

The West Wisconsin railroad, pp. 309-310

How to haul long timber, p. 310

The forests of Canada. The Ottawa District--nature and extent of the government works on the Ottawa River--what the British government is doing for its lumbermen, pp. 310-312

The lathe, pp. 312-313

The big trees of California, p. 313

Future prospects for lumber, p. 313

California's grain shipments, p. 313

A suit that interests lumbermen. The title of seven thousand acres of timber lands in Bay County, Michigan, determined--Supreme Court decision in the case of Johnson vs. Ballou, p. 314

The approaching timber famine, pp. 314-315

Paper from pine shavings, p. 315

The lumber interests of Sacramento, pp. 315-316

Traffic of 1873 at Williamsport, PA. Review of the business for 1873--total shipments by rail and canal--operations of the boom--stock on hand at the close of the year--valuable tables for comparison and reference, p. 317

Inspection of lumber in Michigan, p. 318

Mortising, pp. 318-319

The timber supply question, pp. 319-321

Marketing timber in Connecticut, Scott, L. T. p. 321

George Reed. The projector and builder of the Wisconsin Central railway, p. 321

Trade of the Mississippi and its tributaries. Annual review furnished the "Wisconsin lumberman" by Messrs. Durant and Wheeler of Stillwater, Minn.--Log products of the St. Croix and the Mississippi for 1873, and the amount of logs on hand--another argument for a convention of the lumbermen of the Northwest, Durant, Mr.; Wheeler, Mr. pp. 322-324

Canada lumber trade for 1873, Carbray, Mr.; Routh, Mr. pp. 324-326

The great need of the Chippewa Valley, p. 326

How to use boilers. Valuable hints from the annual report of J. M. Allen, President of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company--feeding boilers--blistering of plates--remedies for scale and sediment, Allen, J. M. pp. 327-328

The St. Croix Valley. The inducements it offers to settlers--its soil, climate, population and prospects--one of Wisconsin's most promising fields for grit, thrift and capital, p. 329

Trade of the Pacific Coast for the past year. Lumber shipments from mill ports for 1873--receipts and shipments for the year at the Port of San Francisco--the course of trade, special featuses [features] and present prices for the California lumber market, pp. 330-331

Then and now. Mills in the Saginaw Valley in 1854-what they cut-the lumber manufacturing trade to-day, pp. 331-332

Northwestern Wisconsin. Description of Dunn County and Menomonie, its county seat, pp. 332-333

The water ways of commerce. Governor Taylor on the Fox and Wisconsin and the Mississippi Rivers, pp. 334-335

The lumber trade of Cincinnati. Business for the year ending August 31st, 1873--statement of the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce--the war now in progress against the pine forests of Michigan--the cooperage business of Porkopolis, pp. 335-336

Wisconsin items, pp. 337-339

Menominee River boom, p. 339

Lumber at Cheboygan, Mich., p. 339

Michigan items, pp. 340-342

Glycerine for steam boilers, p. 342

The Kilbourn dam in court, p. 343

Milwaukee merchants and the lumbering trade, pp. 344-345

Proposed repeal of the Yellow River boom bill, p. 345

Where some of Michigan's lumber, goes to, p. 346

Logs at Alpena, p. 346

Gan shipments by rail. Partial statement of the shipments over the Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw railroad, p. 347

Views of J. G. Thorp, Thorp, J. G. p. 347

Lumber market, pp. 348-349

[Advertisements], pp. 350-362

Lumbermen's register, pp. 363-368

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