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Know Wisconsin better


Know Wisconsin better
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin, Dept. of Agricultural Journalism: Weekly Press of Wisconsin, 1926
50 v. ; 28 cm.

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[Cover] Know Wisconsin better

Build Wisconsin: Volume 4, January 18, 1926, number 3, Ender, A. F.; Osborn, L. W.; Hopkins, Andrew W. p. [1]

There is nothing small about Wisconsin, Smith, Guy Harold pp. 2-3

Dairyland is homeland, Burchard, Paul C. pp. 4-5

Wisconsin ranks high in mining, Shorey, E. R. pp. 6-7

Women are helping much to write Wisconsin history, Shoemaker, A. H. pp. 8-9

Pedigreed seed grain growing is important Wisconsin industry, Moore, R. A. pp. 10-11

State timber supply steadily diminishing, Wilson, F. G. pp. 12-13

Wisconsin's finny tribe are valuable asset, Webster, B. O. pp. 14-15

Wisconsin inventor gave business world the typewriter, Doudna, E. G. pp. 16-17

Drug plant production is promising industry, Kremers, Edward pp. 18-19

State is covered with network of railroads, Dinneon, William N. p. 20

Millions of bacteria support many state industries, Hastings, E. G. pp. 21-22

State hostelries aim to give service and satisfaction, Ketzsch, Herman O. p. 23

State textile industry valued at ninety million, Alexander, J. H. pp. 24-25

Wisconsin highways improve every year, Torkelson, M. W. pp. 26-27

Wisconsin, the beautiful has picturesque setting, Campbell, Henry C. pp. 28-29

Fifty-two Wisconsin counties employ men to aid in the production and marketing of quality farm products, Wojta, J. F. pp. 30-31

Wisconsin has plenty of room for the busy bee, Wilson, H. F. pp. 32-33

Wisconsin is a fruitland as well as a dairyland, Cranefield, Frederic pp. 34-35

State's greatest product is its boys and girls, Doudna, E. G. p. 36

Wisconsin is wealthy below the surface, Morrow, H. B. pp. 37-38

Wisconsin has the "makings" for good road system, Bean, E. F. p. 39

Wisconsin's markets large and easily accessible, Nordman, Edward p. 40

"Canned in Wisconsin", common mark in every state, Nicholoy, W. E. pp. 41-42

Wisconsin is using water power opportunities, Mead, D. W. pp. 43-44

Factories help to keep prosperity in Wisconsin, Alexander, J. H. H. pp. 45-46

Wisconsin is feeling fine the state doctors say, Harper, C. A. pp. 47-48

Farm institutes taught diversified agriculture, Luther, Ernest L. pp. 49-50

Paper and pulp industry adds to state's income, Alexander, J. H. H. pp. 51-52

Winter feeding popular in Wisconsin flocks, Kleinheinz, Frank pp. 53-54

Quality builds trade for Badger butter, Larson, H. C. pp. 55-56

Wisconsin's rural schools have important mission, Callahan, John pp. 57-58

Wisconsin supplies nation with bulk of cheese, Sammis, J. L. pp. 59-60

Fish pastures important in Wisconsin lakes, Birge, E. A. pp. 61-63

Wisconsin's natural beauty should be protected, Donald, John S. pp. 64-65

Wisconsin ranks fourth in leather manufacture, Alexander, J. H. H. pp. 66-67

Poultry pays the taxes on many Badger farms, Hayes, J. B. pp. 68-69

Weekly newspapers help build Wisconsin's communities, Kuypers, John A. pp. 70-71

Wisconsin's high schools train for citizenship, Jones, Thomas Lloyd pp. 72-73

Many nationalities help write Wisconsin history, Schafer, Joseph pp. 74-75

Yankee ingenuity stamped on records of Wisconsin, Schafer, Joseph pp. 76-77

Germans influence Wisconsin's arts, trades and professions, Schafer, Joseph pp. 78-79

Scandinavians settled in many parts of state, Schafer, Joseph pp. 80-81

Irish political influence strong in early Wisconsin, Schafer, Joseph pp. 82-83

English speaking peoples blend state's population, Schafer, Joseph pp. 84-85

Wisconsin's twelve parks challenge leisure hours, Harrington, C. L. pp. 86-87

Nelson Dewey State Park guards the Mississippi, Harrington, C. L. pp. 88-90

Peninsula park beaches ideal for summer sport, Harrington, C. L. pp. 91-92

Dells of interstate park formed by glacial drift, Harrington, C. L. pp. 93-94

Waterfalls big feature at Pattison State Park, Harrington, C. L. pp. 95-96

Perrot Park camp-site of early French pilot, Harrington, C. L. pp. 97-98

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