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A history of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. Part II: the directorship of Harry Luman Russell: 1907-1930


Alexander, A. S. 1860- (Alexander Septimus)
A history of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. Part II: the directorship of Harry Luman Russell: 1907-1930
Part II
[Madison, Wisconsin]1935

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[Title page] A history of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. Part II: the directorship of Harry Luman Russell: 1907-1930

Director Russel begins work: 1907-1908

Station publications

Financial resources

Changes in the station staff

New lands and buildings

Research work in progress in 1908

Publications issued

Extension and demonstration work

The research bulletins

The role of phosphorus

Phosphate content of soils

Effect of machine milking

Germination and fertility of pollen

The role of ash of bran in metabolism

Bacterial content of milk

Regular bulletins of 1908

Determining water in butter

Eliminating grade sires

The Hart casein test

Cranberry insects

Crops for northern Wisconsin

Effect of rusty cans on milk

The live stock pavilion completed

New departments and staff changes

New departments organized

Facts for farmers

King system of ventilation

Disinfection and disinfectants

Potato spraying experiments

Progress in horse breeding

The twenty eighth annual report

Reclamation of university farm marsh lands

New departments and staff members

Research work in progress 1909-1910

Agricultural extension service

Anthrax attacks university herd

Research bulletins of 1910

Moisture content of cheese curds

Nuclein synthesis in the animal body

Acid-soluble phosphorus compounds of feed

Chemical analysis of milk

Fatty acids and esters in cheese

Fixation of nitrogen by azotobacter

Protein requirements of cows

Regular bulletins of 1910

Potato growing experiments

Peas for northern Wisconsin

Killing farm weeds

Choice and use of fertilizers

Preparation of pure starters

Scoring of butter and cheese

Clover growing

Swine management

Sanitary stalls for stables

Farm horse improvement

Community breeders associations

Insects injurious to fruits

Tests of dairy cows

Feeding dairy calves

Improved tests of dairy products

Curd from buttermilk

Station circulars of 1910

The experiment station in 1910-1911

New lands acquired

Veterinary science

Agricultural journalism and country life work

Programs in research work

Demonstration work in 1910-1911

Publications of the station for 1911

Research bulletins of 1911: nos. 14 to 18 inclusive. Sulphur requirements of crops

Spore germination

Economics in agricultural research

Growth and reproduction in animals

A sclerotium disease of grasses

Regular bulletins of 1911. Farming in northern Wisconsin

Cheese factory payments

The renting of lands

Land drainage

Feeds for dairy cows

Planting commercial orchards

Management of heavy clay soils

Improvement of sandy soils

Developing marsh soils

Tobacco culture

Management of orchards

Crop demonstrations

Prices of farm products

Progress in dairying

Barley culture

Cranberry culture

Circulars of information

Twenty five years under the Hatch Act

Research projects in progress

Some dairy investigations

Animal feeding experiments

Various station activities

Building activities

Station publications

Effect of heat and oxygen on soil phosphorus

The availability of rock phosphate

Nutrition of the pig

Metabolic water

Soil bacteria and evaporation

Diagnosing contagious abortion disease

Regular bulletins of 1911-1912

Explosives for clearing land

Management of the university dairy herd

Grading of cream

Profit from farm manure

Crop rotation for northern Wisconsin

Climate of Wisconsin

Selecting feeding steers

Circulars of information

The experiment station in 1912-1913

Station faculty notes

Research work in progress

Value of manure in dairy farms

Farm investments

Rural social surveys

Plant nutrition studies

Animal nutrition

Genetics and veterinary research

Pasteurized milk cheese

Plant disease survey

Cranberry investigations

Station publications of 1912-1913

Technical bulletins

Dairy production

Cheese from pasteurized milk

Avian tuberculosis

Solubility and availability of phosphorus

Popular bulletins of 1912-1913

Dairy cow competitions

Nursery and orchard inspection

Land Drainings

Soil acidity and liming

Marketing Wisconsin cheese

Circulars of information 1912-1913

Experiment station progress during 1913-1914

Station staff workers

Station research work. Soils experiments

Bacteriological and chemical studies

Agricultural economics

Agronomy research work

Branch station work

Work with noxious insects

Veterinary problems

Dairy research work

Poultry propagation

Feeding experiments

Extension service

Station publications

Technical bulletins of 1914

Regular station bulletins

Wheat growing

Rural social centers

Soiling crops vs silage

Growing soy beans

Information for farmers

Accomplishments of the experiment station in 1914 - 1915

Station staff changes in 1915

Progress in experimental work

Agronomy work

Animal breeding

horticulture and plant pathology

State soil survey

Soil management

Dairy experimental work

Plant nutrition

Extension service

Publications of 1915

Research bulletins

Regular station bulletins. Improved dairy tests

Tuberculin testing

Information on dairying

Farm credit in Wisconsin

Strawberry culture

Testing soil for acidity

Prices of cheese

Certified potato seed

Popular bulletins of 1914-1915

Work of the experiment station in 1915-1916

Soil management

Crop studies

Work of the horticulturists and plant pathologists

Bacteriological and veterinary research work

Dairy practice

Entomological work

Agricultural extensions

Additions to the faculty staff

Publications of 1915-1916

Research bulletins of 1915 - 1916

Regular bulletins of 1915 - 1916

Control of apple rust

Alfalfa growing

Advice for the settler

Poultry raising

Ice cream making

Sheep raising in Wisconsin

Bee keeping in Wisconsin

Construction of dairy barns

Managing the orchard

Marketing butter

Circulars of information

Faculty staff notes 1916 and 1918

Station publications 1916 - 1918

Regular bulletins of 1916-1917

Preventing hillside washing

State horse breeding

Judging dairy cows

Paying for cheese factory milk

Management of tobacco soils

The country church

Potato growing in the state of Wisconsin

Cooperation in Wisconsin

Regular bulletins of 1917-1918

Farm drainage

Marketing milk

Feeding cattle for growth and reproduction

Rural relations of high schools

Soybean growing

Hints for the settler

The necessity for milk

Wisconsin's hemp industry

Research bulletins of 1916: nitrogen from legume growth

Factors influencing rural education

Use of phosphates by plants

Research bulletins of 1917. Early blight of potatoes ...

Service Wisconsin farmers in 1916-1918

Plant and animal diseases

Insect pest control

Horticultural studies

Crop production work

Vegetable oil and iodine studies

Soil management and studies

Economic studies

Bacteriology and dairy studies

Veterinary and poultry research work

Animal nutrition

Farmer's circulars of 1916-1917

War time circulars of 1918

Experiment station workers in 1918-1919

Station publications of 1918-1919

War time regular bulletins

Ridding the land of stumps

Relative to contagious abortion

Hairless pigs

Pruning cherry trees

Farming sandy soils

Technical bulletin of 1918-1919. Qualities of Wisconsin grown wheat

Farm tenancy

The cabbage worm

Frost microsis

Extension service circulars of 1918-1919

New farm facts

Work of the chemists

Poultry work

Work of the geneticists

Veterinary science accomplishments

Bacteriological work

Dairy husbandry experiments

Work of agricultural engineers

Work in bee-keeping

Insect pest studies

Work in agricultural economics

Soil studies

Horticultural studies

Combating plant diseases

Station publications

Station service to Wisconsin

Stem rust of grains

Wheat growing

Soils of northern Wisconsin

Rural fairs

Marsh soils

The pea moth

Sorgum syrup

Acidity of soils

Occurrence of off colored calves

Research bulletins of 1920. Leasing systems

Disease resistant cabbage

Animal nutrition

Popular circulars of 1919-1920

Livestock shipping associations

Buttermilk and cottage cheese

Farm labor in Wisconsin

Off-year apple bearing

Credit needs of settlers

Clearing cut-over land

Costs in cheese making

Federation marketing

Circulars of 1920-1921

Research bulletins of 1921. Marsh drainage

Rural primary groups

Circulars of 1921-1922

Research bulletins of 1922

Scab of the potato

Lime and inoculation

Infectious abortion in swine

Circulars of 1922-1923

Technical bulletins of 1923. Blossom bud formation

Fish flavor in butter

Relations of town and country

Research bulletins of 1924. Anthracnose of cane fruits

Rural religious organization

Research bulletins of 1925. Changes in silage

Controlling wildfire of tobacco

Pea disease

Fertilizer experiments

Service institutions

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