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Courses in agriculture: 1932-1933


University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture
Courses in agriculture: 1932-1933
Madison, Wisconsin: [University of Wisconsin, College of Agriculture], 1932
9 v. : ill. ; 23 cm.

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[Cover] Courses in agriculture: 1932-1933

[Title page] The University of Wisconsin. Long and middle courses in agriculture. College of Agriculture: 1932-33, p. [1]

Calendar: academic year 1923-33, p. [2]

The Regents of the University, p. [3]

The Board of Visitors, p. [3]

The future, pp. 4-5

The long course: four years, pp. 5-8

Long course in agriculture, pp. 8-9

The middle course, pp. 9-10

Samples of major curricula in agriculture, p. 10

Agricultural commerce course, pp. 10-12

Curriculum for agricultural journalist, p. 12

Curriculum for nutritional chemist, p. 13

Animal husbandry--animal science course, pp. 13-14

Dairy manufacturing, pp. 15-16

Curriculum for economic entomology, pp. 16-17

Curriculum for soil chemist of physicist, p. 17

Vocational agricultural teachers or agricultural extension workers, pp. 18-26

Agricultural bateriology, pp. 26-27

Agricultural chemistry, pp. 27-28

Agricultural economics, pp. 29-31

Agricultural education, pp. 31-34

Agricultural engineering, pp. 35-37

Agricultural journalism, pp. 38-41

Animal husbandry, pp. 41-43

Dairy husbandry, pp. 43-45

Economic entomology, pp. 45-46

Genetics, pp. 46-47

horticulture, pp. 47-50

Library, p. 50

Plant pathology, pp. 50-51

Poultry husbandry, p. 52

Rural sociology, p. 53

Soils, pp. 54-56

Veterinary science, p. 56


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