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Maahs scrapbook: book number 3


Davis, Ethel (Maahs)
Maahs scrapbook: book number 3

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[Cover] Scrap book: generously donated by Ethel (Maahs) Davis

[Mamie Eisenhower], p. [1]

[Hyde Church preservation; comics], pp. [2]-[3]

[Orcht; Johnson], p. [4]

[Demby; Knight; Allen; Hamilton; Brown; Lanigan; Allen; Westland], p. [5]

[Pictures of county officials], p. [6]

[County official pictures continued; Masonic lodge news; Frame and Frame], p. [7]

[Hospital merger; farm days crowded; classifieds], pp. [8]-[11]

[Crash kills UW grad and Jenks], p. [12]

[Forseth 25th anniversary; Orcutt has 25 years as a minister; Lulloff silver anniversary; Klingelhofers silver anniversary; Thomas golden anniversary; Maahs 50th anniversary; Pfanku 50th anniversary], p. [13]

[Stephens and Hagerup; Schenkel and Schroeder; Hutchison and Nelson; Larson and Davis; Anderson and Thorpe; Butman and Michael; Holmes and U'Ren], p. [14]

[Stauffacher and Cretney; Walker and Maxwell; Van Epps and Potts; Meyer and Buol; Brunker and Thompson; Price and Fuchs], p. [15]

[Rolstad and Schroeder; Tolford and Lierle; Dischler and Danhouser; Rieff and Szczesny; Chappell and Dochnahl; picture of Elizabeth Powell], p. [16]

[Morton and Schill; Moore and Penfield; Frame and Greenwood; Hennessey and Hildreth], p. [17]

[Gould; Lehnherr; Eveland; Zepplin; Blasdel; Forseth; Lewis; Theobald; Harrop; Donahue; Mickelson], p. [18]

[Lewis; Elliott; Berg; Owens; church left large bequest; Kelly; Rowe; Leffler], p. [19]

[Harrop; Theobald; Frame 50th anniversary; Rowe], p. [20]

[OES mens night; Industrial Arts Association has 54 inductees; Davis and Haack], p. [21]

[Grimstad 97 years old; Dodgeville high school basketball team], p. [22]

[Powell and Pauly; Jewell and Hannon; Klingelhofer and Massengale], p. [23]

[Pile; Walker; Wickham], p. [24]

[Tesch; Carden; Walker; Schuelke; Post; Olson; Kobbervig; Evans], p. [25]

[Haines and Robb-honeymoon to Florida], p. [26]

[Hottmann to observe 100th birthday; Nancy Davis and pig; 4th graders' mosaic; Arndt and Jones- despite broken leg], p. [27]

[Rand; Powell; Duesler; Leary; Pine; McKinley; Witte; Johnson], p. [28]

[Christianson and Evans; Grebe and Mielke; Davis and Haack; Haack], p. [29]

[Perrin and Kramer; Butteris and Shepherd; Arneson; Fleet; Schlicht; Eveland; Elliott], p. [30]

[Smith; Lewis; funeral for drowning victims; McCutchin], p. [31]

[Remodel of Dodgeville sanctuary; new minister; Davis silver anniversary; Davis; Jackson and Jacobson], p. [32]

[Election upset in 3rd ward typesetter to retire], p. [33]

[Robinson and Swenson; Dresser and Jacobson; Davies and Doyle; Reese and Goltry; Ogden and Lulloff], p. [34]

[Davies and Weston; Jones and Disch; Reese and Davis; Zillmer and Murley], p. [35]

[Jennie Davis funeral program], pp. [36]-[38]

[Price; Beezley; Syftestad; Thomas; Williams; Thomas; Williams; Reynolds], p. [39]

[Roberts 45th anniversary; Sengpiel; picture of Darlene Kiester, defendant; Murphy], p. [40]

[Lewis and Bomhoff; Mathison and Grunow; Reese and Goltry], p. [41]

[Gotham; Schmitt; Heffernan and Rundle], p. [42]

[Davies; Voss], p. [43]

[Fischer; Lang; Schriber; Phillips], p. [44]

[Ferrin and Davis; Ferrin and Davis; superintendant resigns; Davis with large trout], p. [45]

[Fieldhouse and Reynolds; Baker and Gilbertson; Elliott and Witzel; Trine and Whitney; Erbe and Carden], p. [46]

[TV Week cover], p. [47]

[TV Week masthead and column by Donald K. Davies]

[Campbell; Campbell's Department Store]

[Glessner and Frame; Sies and Frame; Knudtson and Frame; Wirth and Durtschi], p. [48]

[What day is it; dated], p. [49]

[He only asks for mail; Griffiths; Pitt; Hunter], p. [50]

[Williams; Pine; Paull; Williams Metcalf; Johnsrud; Williams; Benn], p. [51]

[Roach; Hoskins; Lauber; Williams; Peterson; Zepplin; Anding and Slinger; Lindeman and Corriveau], p. [52]

[Metcalf and Hughes; Bollerud and Baumgardt; Klusendorf and Gandt], p. [53]

[Strong; Baker; Cretney], p. [54]

[Certificate of citizenship of John Davis], p. [55]

[Girls softball team-Mt. Horeb; Dodgeville scouts], p. [56]

[Dodgeville honors 3 Veteran Businessmen; John Glenn and President Kennedy], p. [57]

[Davis; Ley; Roberts; Arneson; Dahler], p. [58]

[Harris; Kramer; Baylis; Torphy; Comstock; Instefjord; Sanford and Carrier], p. [59]

[Dodgeville basketball squad], p. [60]

[Basketball fever; top ranking basketball team], p. [61]

[Christopherson; Meigs; Robinson; Dodgeville City Council cards], p. [62]

[Metcalf; Syftestad Campbell; Richards; Odgers; Tesch; Pine and Barsness; Fitzsimmons and McKenzie], p. [63]

[Roderick; Reese; 25 years of softball for Nichols; Kobbervig and money], p. [64]

[AFS Irish student in Dodgeville; a golden leaf; Cretney golden anniversary], p. [65]

[Laufenberg, Frame accidentally run over; Trentzsch, Trentzsch; Osthoff], p. [66]

[Kirch and Carden; Frame golden anniversary; Quigley; Demby and Ranum], p. [67]

[Edge and Mackesey; Ruchti and Hughes; Jones; Hedwig; Bawden; Nichols], p. [68]

[Butteris; Kahlenberg; Bohle; Strang; Woerpel; Ties; Johnson], pp. [69] ff.

[Egan and Olson; Arthur and Helin; Anderson and Sawyer], p. [70]

[Buchner and Lewis; Schmoekel and Flynn; Folkedahl and Walters; Alvstad and Legler], p. [71]

[Saffron?; poems; Schroeder and Burreson; Ellis funeral program; Leffler and Anderson; Nondorf and Thielorn], pp. [72]-[74]

[Christmas story; County fair pictures; Barneveld honorees], p. [75]

[Skyberg; Massey; Ruesch; Hottmann; Ruesch; Massey], p. [76]

[Hyde Church preservation], pp. [77] ff.

[Koenig golden anniversary program], pp. [78]-[80]

[Jacqueline Kennedy], p. [81]

[McDonald to be ordained; Harris; Massey; Knudson; Wendtlandt; Murphy; Edge], p. [82]

[Price; Narveson; Davis; Wonn; Smart; Davies; Bishop; Bon Durant; Southard], p. [83]

[Sarah Price funeral program]

[Davies 100th birthday; Davies and Thull; Massey 50th anniversary; Kahlenberg; weather report; Olson outstanding student; Mylroie], p. [84]

[Johnson to visit uplands], p. [85]

[Homemaking holiday fair], p. [86]

[Arneson; Moyer; Smith; Wedlake; Smith; Deyoe; Johns; Olson; Olson; Kurth, pp. [87]-[89]

[Kahlenberg; Blotz; Hanson; Brue; Conley; Hogan; McKenzie; Frame], p. [90]

[Maahs 59th anniversary; Anderson and Hanson; Evans 50th anniversary; Zemlicka and Haight; Price 50th anniversary], p. [91]

[Wagner; Strong; Jones; Funk; Mitchell; Binius; Lesmeister; Anderson; Osterdorff], p. [92]

[Ayers and Jacka; Tracy and Ferrin; Aschliman and Oxnem; Crook and Von Allmen], p. [93]

[OES diamond jubilee; Harrop; Short; McCutchin; Berge], p. [94]

[Wilson; Garfoot; Mickelson; Davis; Hunter], p. [95]

[Lewis; Rolstad; Stratman; Davies; Jenkins; Kolb; Davies funeral program; Jenkin; Schlough; Utter], p. [96]

[Maahs 60th anniversary; Babler and Olson; Alvstad 25th anniversary; Swan retires], p. [97]

[Wienke; Slauson; Davis; Arneson; Moyer; White; Robinson; Salisbury recently hired], p. [98]

[Johnson and Johnson; Hammond and Anderson; Hunter and Martin; Cox and Anderson; Atkinson and Hugill; Beuton and Scullion], p. [99]

[Eisenhower funeral; Hohler; Brown; Schaller; Dunbar], p. [100]

[Ann Landers 30th anniversary; Ann Landers divorced], pp. [101] ff.

[Mindermann; Johnson; Thomas; Casper; Williams; Olson], p. [102]

[Davies 102nd birthday; Bennett; Berryman 40th anniversary], p. [103]

[Hicks; O'Neill; Schaller; Arnold; Mahony; Roberts], p. [104]

[Smiths retires; Haglund; Buckingham; Griffiths; Maahs 65th anniversary], p. [105]

[Dodgeville's maxwell street days; Henson; Oimoen and Bohle; Higgins; Schindler; Roethlisberger], p. [106]

[Sullivan retires; Davis achieves masters degree; Douglas Davis born; Owens; Ulrich], p. [107]

[Price; Griffiths; Johnston; Gibbon; Phillips; Bray; Hoskins; Johanning], p. [108]

[Reynolds; Woodbury; Hottmann; Fieldhouse; Berryman; Strahota; Day; Powers; Strong; Schindler; Jabs; Coffey], p. [109]

[Tallman; Stephens; Wedlake; Hamilton; Pope; Williams], p. [110]

[Obmas moving to Chicago; Hirsch and Russman; Jungbluth and Gilbertson], p. [111]

[Quinn; Williams; Johns; Ruppert; Davies; Nechwatal; Mitchell; Ulrich; Watson; Manion], p. [112]

[Wirth; Kempthorne; Hurd; Olson; Beerkircher; Roberts; Zepplin], p. [113]

[New methodist church spire; police chief Thomas; Weiskircher; Weigel; Butts], p. [114]

[Campbell; Jordahl; Harrison; Faris; Jones; Van Epps; Campbell; Cerutti; Moyer; Sersch], p. [115]

[Buckner; Frame; Turner; Scullion; Bon Durant; Hottmann; Bennett], p. [116]

[Davies going out of business], p. [117]

[Cretney funeral card], p. [118]

[Three generations of Cretney's; Suspect held in Cretney murder; Cretney murder victim; Cretney, p. [119]

[Cretney; Burgler sentenced; Baker; Dauck; Pearce; Arneson; Jackson], p. [120]

[Campbells grand opening; Zibolsky; Schroeder; Duesler promoted; Davis retired], p. [121]

[Ore succeeds Anderson; Narveson; picture of Tim Cretney; Whitt], p. [122]

[Litchfield; Butts; Anding; Perkins; Leffler; Dauck; Demby], p. [123]

[Swan; Perry; Klingelhofer; Jones; Fjelstad; Nelson; Oaklief; Price; poem], p. [124]

[Pustina and Russell; Meier and Watson; Maahs 64th anniversary; Cerutti and Tredinnick; Olson and Metcalf; Jungbluth and Gilbertson; Thomas and Craig; Maahs 84th birthday], p. [125]

[Frame house moved; Hamilton; Ivey], p. [126]

[Pustina retired; three generation of Cretneys; Evans; Thomas; Maahs], p. [127]

[Fischer; Rule; Williams; Demby; Pengilly; Beckius; Davi; Theobald], p. [128]

[Moyer; Donahue; Gardner; Campbell; Pine; Pimpfl; Cretney; Clark; Robb], p. [129]

[Lindley and Davis; Heiss and Cretney; Mickelson 50th anniversary; Koenig golden anniversary], p. [130]

[Linley and Davis wedding program], pp. [131]-[132]

[McCutchin; Lewis; Evans; Emily; Brue; Singer; Mickelson; Berryman], p. [133]

[Schermerhorn; Trainor; Strong; Sullivan; Massey], p. [134]

[Wirth 66th birthday], p. [135]

[Frame McCutchin; Kay; Thoni; Schroeder; Hanson; Mundy; Pope; Frame; Johnson; Thoni], p. [136]

[Campbells changes location; Maahs 66th anniversary; Pustina 50th anniversary], p. [137]

[Pustina funeral card], pp. [138]-[139]

[Forseth; Brattlie; Berryman; Harrop; Pustina; Thomas; Mickelson; Frame], p. [140]

[Heun and Kennedy; bicenntennial celebration; Obma; Bittner 50th anniversary; Frame 50th anniversary; poem], p. [141]

[Pustina; Maahs; Obma; Jones; Blotz; Theobald; Adams; Hughes; Matthias; Davies], p. [142]

[Klusendorf; McCann; Fulmer; Bennet; Baumgartner; Abplanalp; Springer; Wonn; Ball], p. [143]

[Frame], p. [144]

[Obma; Elliott; Bawden; McCluskey; Hogan; Blotz; Grundy], p. [145]

[Poem; murder charge filed; Carden murdered; Reynolds; Blaser; Frame; Cole; Odell], p. [146]

[Campbell funeral card], pp. [147]-[148]

[Looks good], p. [149]

[Polkinghorn; Salzmann; Ronney; Campbell; Rongve; Elliott; Campbells ad], p. [150]

[Philipps and Thomas; Jungbluth; Weier and Fenley; McKinley; Meyer; Weigel; Sugden; Burreson; Kendrick; Poast], p. [151]

[Reese; Heibel; Hamilton; Weiskerkircher; Jordan; Richards; Williams; Arneson; Benoy; Speich; Arndt], p. [152]

[President Ford and wife; Hughes; Mundy; White; Rothlisberger; Watson; Husom; Maahs 89th birdthday], p. [153]

[Price; Bohle; Campbell; Davis; Arnold; Dintelman; Brown; Campbell; Dischler Reimann; Hoyer; Peterson; Salzmann funeral card; O'Dell], p. [154]

[King and wife die in fire; Von Allmen; Weier; Price], p. [155]

[Price funeral card], p. [156]

[Picture of President Carter], p. [157]

[Maahs funeral program], pp. [158]-[161]

[Jewell good at cornish cooking], p. [162]

[Getting to know our neighbors: Arena], pp. [163]-[168]

[Eveland 50th anniversary], p. [169]

[Wirth retires], p. [170]

[Dodgeville Maxwell street days], p. [171]

[Wires down after snowstorm], p. [172]

[Bounty hunter Woody Roberts with rattlesnake], p. [173]

[Memorial at Hyde church], p. [174]

[Tredinnick 25th anniversary], p. [175]

[Wirth 40th anniversary], p. [176]

[Halverson 50th anniversary], p. [177]

[Olsen 25th anniversary], p. [178]

[Trine 50th anniversary], p. [179]

[Nelson Jewelry owner honored], p. [180]

[Hyde Chapel picture], p. [181]

[Bicentennial celebration program], pp. [182]-[183]

[Roberts 40th anniversary], p. [184]

[Lewis 50th anniversary], p. [185]

[Murphy 50th anniversary], p. [186]

[Grandparents build and deliver dollhouse], p. [187]

[Gratz and Rowe; Sullivan], pp. [188]-[191]

[Comstock 101st birthday; OES honors McCutchin; Comstock], pp. [192]-[197]


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