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Maahs scrapbook: book number 1


Davis, Ethel (Maahs)
Maahs scrapbook: book number 1

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[Cover] Generously donated by: Ethel (Maahs) Davis

War ration book one

[1937; Married sixty years; Maahs; Dagenhart], p. 1

[1930; Price; Watson], p. 2

[1932; Ray; Pine, Sheehan; Hamilton and Zillmer; Davis and Maahs], p. 3

[Cliff and Frame; Deyoe and Morrow; Whitt and Arnold; Boley and Buckingham; Roach and Convey; Hanson and Perkins], p. 4

[1935; Ruggles and Massey; Steensland and Butteris; Jones and Coster; Arneson and Minix; Pope and Lampman; Gunderson; Thoni and Duesler], p. 5

[Iowa county champs-basketball; Arena community players], p. 6

[Holcomb; Bawden; Meffert; Hankerson], p. 7

[Davis; Minix; Ruggles; Schurch, Maahs; Arndt; Urben and Hiltbrand; Allen and Vetter], p. 8

[Maahs; 1936; Stewart; 1937; Massey; Segebrecht; Carroll; Paulson; Rongve; Jones], p. 9

[1937; Dow and Davis; Sontag and Sliter; Winch and Roberts], p. 10

[Sawle; Burns; Mrs. Frank Scott and her 13 sons], p. 11

[Whitman; Rowe and Metcalf; Quigley and Hottman; 1935], p. 12

[1935; Hottmann and Quigley; Jordan and Norslien; Riley and Topper; Roberts and Topper; Post and Levake; Richardson and Roberts; Zepplin and Conley; Penhallegon and Peterson], p. 13

[1936; Schaller and Simonson; Brander and Benson; Wallace and Wilkinson; Davis and Turnell; Turnell and Knight; Hefty and Barsness], p. 14

[1936; Peart and Winch; 1935; Wilkinson and Kutz; Starry and Peiffer; 1937; Salzmann and Zwickey; Mickelson and Antonson; Harrop and Olson; Butts and Drachenberg; Burrison and Aavang; McIntosh and Amacher], p. 15

[Hamilton; 1935; Henstock; 1936; Hughes], p. 16

[Poad; 1936; Sweeney; Poquette; O'Hara; 1935; Gunderson; Faris], p. 17

[1936; White; Owens; Sullivan; Hodgson; Mill Creek school; Baumgartner; Stussey], p. 18

[Segerbrecht; Harrison; Slauson; Jones; Williams; McCutchin], p. 19

[Record snows, 1936; Vincent Baker and Shorthorn calf, 1935], p. 20

[Barneveld wins state basketball, 1936; Hodgson generations; fire destroys Wedlake home of Pines and Dennises; Hagerup long distance phone call to Norway], p. 21

[Jones brothers farm fire, 1936; Cobb school fire, 1937; Black Earth and Mound Creek flood Hwy 14, 1937; Blizzard follows flood, 1937; cars killing deer, 1936], p. 22

Flood horrors at Louisville told in letter [1937]

[1937; fires, floods, and grasshoppers; Weyerman; Brown; Woman's Christian Temperance Union convention; Price family reunion], p. 23

[1937; Bey and Hyland; Segebrecht and Zepplin; McCutchin and Hughes; Forseth and Hickcox], p. 24

[Prince Edward renounces throne; Will Rogers], p. 25

[English royal family portraits; Gould and Robb], p. 26

[1937; Schlough; Strong and Peterson; Convey; Schuldt; Bohle; Schaller; Richardson], p. 27

[1937; Alice Baker chosen as Dairy Queen; Pick-ups; Charles Ladd seeks election to superintendent; Mrs. Ellis], p. 28

[Ida Ruggles is deaf pianist; Bill Murphy runs filling station blind; a parable on a pearl; near fire for Ralph Hodgson; Rev. Anderson], p. 29

[1937; Pine; Pengilly; Jabs; Arneson; Turnell; Stapleton; Thomas; missionary rally], p. 30

[1937; Mahoney; Pinkerton; Theobald; Schlough; Syftestad; Sawie, builder of church reads its history on 50th anniversary; Moen], p. 31

[1937; Shoberg and Quigley; Rickli and Carden; Mahoney and Anderson; Hodgsons have 70th anniversary; U'ren and Delzer; Hodgson and Hankerson; Lamberty and Hodgson; Thompson and Williams], p. 32

[1937; Sontag and Sliter; Nelson and Gust; Harrop and Maloney; Bainbridge and Schultz; McCann and Scharer; Bennett and Bawden; 90th birthday of S. W. Dawson; White and Cronk], p. 33

[1937; military news], p. 34

[Death of John D. Rockefeller; pictures of Glenn Frank, Gov. La Follette, and Dykstra family], p. 35

[1937; farewell parties; Bird; Richardson; Orht; poetry; Lloyd; Babcock], p. 36

[1937; Thomas; Combs; Berryman; Richardson], p. 37

[1937; anniversaries; Garfoot; Haugen; Pick-ups; U'Ren; Wheeler and Elaine], p. 38

[1937; Rundell enjoys horseback riding at 84; pictures of Gould, Schoenfeld, Dahle, Amelia Earhart], p. 39

[1937; Hendrickson now a violin maker; Jabs; Iowa county municipal buildings; Dawson], p. 40

[1937; Thomas; Wright; Jones; Nelson; Hughes], p. 41

[1938; pictures of "Roundy" Coughlin; Oscar Christianson; joke; Alice Baker as Dairy Queen; article on birthday of Henry Bancroft], p. 42

[Hughes and Davis; Ray and Hyatt; Roberts and Roelke; Legrey and Moyer; Jones and Schoeneman; Huber and Roberts], p. 43

[Article on F. H. Hanneman; Mill Creek school wins seal sale; Barneveld Basketball team wins fourth time; Arneson], p. 44

[Davis; Pine; Haugen], p. 45

[Hodgson; Harrington; Mickelson; Hodgson; Webster; Morgan], p. 46

[Officials seek to link suicide's gun with murder], p. 47

[Hunt 'grudge' gunman after farmer, son, 6, are mysteriously shot], p. 48

[Suicide ends arena mystery farm shooting; Arena slaying clues pursued in little hope; highway crew discover blue mounds cave], p. 49

[Cretney; Winch; Lewis], p. 50

[Jones; Raw; Thomas; Jordan; Lee], p. 51

[County students lead college prom; twins; eighty year old physician still active; Reese], p. 52

[Linley and Olson, Olson and Deets; Kelly and Heibel; Williams and Weier; Ball and Pollock; Stiebnitz and Shower; Enright and Newell; Rue and Knudson], p. 53

[Kahl and Brattlie; Grundahl and Whalen; Schurch and Reich; Whalen and Olson], p. 54

[Jones and O'Neill; Hefty and Schmitt; Christopherson and Condon], p. 55

[Shackelton and Pailing; Hamilton and Sabin; Kolb and Hugill; Harrington and Boerner; Smith and Frame; Theobald and Paulson], p. 56

[Aavang; Webster; Arneson; Thomas; Massey], p. 57

[Duesler; Jones; Davis; Morgan; Kelly; Dodge], p. 58



[Ladd; Convey; Roberts; Carden; Brown; Wilkinson; Letcher; Meyer], p. 59

[Olson; Urben; fifth fatal accident on county roads], p. 60

[Pioneer mill wheels turn for last time; Judge Evans boomed for high court; John Roberts heads students at Madison college; snake collecting; Mary Theobald starring on Bascom stage], p. 61

[Cody and Morrissey; Pfanku and Stewart; Hottmann and Cowling; Nelson and Shirk; Hendrickson and House], p. 62

[Affholder and Donley; Jones and Cushman; McCutchin and Grebe; Novotny and Wilking; picture of Mrs. Stephen Pfanku], p. 63

[Wildkatsch and Pine; editorial and speeding; Livingston; Theobald and Miles; Frame and Carden; Severson], p. 64

[Kennedy dairy girls enter national softball meet; Mickelson and Nelson], p. 65

[1939; Hamilton; Sheehan; Jones; Owens; Peterson; Zepplin; Derricott; Meerbrey], p. 66

[Kopps and Anding; Harrop and Statz; Olson and Davis; Gorst and Morrill; Roberts and Wilson; Allen and Keesey; Abplanalp and Blumke; Pinkerton and Mitchell], p. 67

[Sawles observe 50th wedding anniversary; Arena Cheesemaker wins at state fair; Arena High has small gridders; Grebner], p. 68

[Veronica Smith, Iowa county Dairy Queen; disastrous fire rages Friday at Barneveld], p. 69

[McKittrick and Schaller; Turner and Divall; Madison college plans formal party at Maple Bluff club; Campbell and Abraham], p. 70

[Honeymooners officially missing; Olson], p. 71

[Roberts and Jones; Evans and Dennis; Campbell and Hiltbrand; Narveson and Stangland; Watkins and Nielson; Faris and Parrell], p. 72

[Mundy honored at Kiwanis dinner]

[Retiring Dodgeville librarian feted at tea]




[Schoenemann; Lewis; Roberts; Bainbridge; Clinic founder leaves record of brilliance; Hottman], p. 73

[Guell and Anding; Campbell and Hiltbrand; Eilders and Bryant; Fink and Abplanalp; Erdy and Lehman; picture of Mrs. Walter Hiltbrand], p. 74

[Rickli and Ritchie; Strang and Thelen; Ladd and James; French and Hudson], p. 75

[Peterson; Davis; Peterson; Holly; Davis], p. 76

[Dawson marks 92nd birthday; birth announcements; prize winning cheese factory; hunting injury; honor student; house filled with clocks; baby wins show], p. 77

[Severe crash; Christian; Lloyd; birth announcement; crash; silver anniversary], p. 78

[Simpson and Jones; Michels; Roberts and Winch, Powers and Marti; Linley; Camp and Bawden; Dochnahl and Poast], p. 79

[Davis and Luetscher; Hendrickson], p. 80

[Dodgeville man has time--on his shelves; golden anniversary], p. 81

[Jones and Lewis; Evans; Owens; Martinson], p. 82

[Linley; Symons; Michels and Lanigan; Moreland; Olson], p. 83

[Man drowns trying to rescue son; Schindler; Ruggles; Dagenhart; Vollrath; Jones], p. 84

[Iowa county Dairy Queen; Thomas; Nelson and Ball; Moyer and Meives; Thompson and Arnold], p. 85

[Kendrick and Greene; Dahle; 50th anniversary; Pine and Sanford], p. 86

[Clark and Magli; Blied and Campbell], p. 87

[Picture of Carole Lombard; Voss and Shepherd; Hottmann and Lloyd], p. 88

[Nitardy 50th anniversary; Haugem; Sawle 53rd anniversary; Meiss; Hodgson 55th anniversary; Jones 51st anniversary], p. 89

[Schurch and Sims; Peterson and Harrison; Arena names top pupils in scholarship], p. 90

[Maahs golden anniversary]

[Schuelke and Soli; Schoenfeld; four army fliers killed in crash], p. 91

[Campbell; Baylis; Frame; Johnson 25th anniversary], p. 92

[Stapleton to be leader of battalion; Haglund and Neis; Pepper has arrived in Alaska; Arena soldier is in Australia; Spring Green soldier killed at Corregidor; Berryman and Graber], p. 93

[With our Wisconsin Men in U.S. Service; three soldiers visit Mt. Horeb Area; Moore; Collins divorce], p. 94

[Hears of Victory at home; death prevents realization of long ambition; pictures of Goodland, Starry, Thoni], p. 95

[Slaying ends drunken brawl; Lynch; Jones; Arena youth on ship circling globe], p. 96

[1943; Phyllis Hodgson enlists in WAVES; Stenseth and Jordan; Sharratt 55th anniversary; Mahony; Pollard; Carden; Harrington], p. 97

[Mazomanie's century-old mill burned; Williams; Schoenfeld and Winton; Davis named as new Grant agent; Arnold], p. 98

[In a tick-tock filled house, Price lives with his hobby; at 4 months, Howard is a veteran; 21 from Iowa give blood to bank], p. 99

[Price and Erdahl; Binius, bride, others are honored at reception; Pine; Southard; Roethlisberger; Watson, Arneson head Barneveld class], p. 100

[Roberts 50th anniversary; Sharratt 57th anniversary; Jones and Gerke; Rue; Price is wounded; Delos and LaVerne Hughes are casualties], p. 101

[Trainor; Jones returns to post; Frame; Cox], p. 102

[Williams and Bowers; Brattlie and Mueller; Schindler and Wadsworth; Reeves and Thomas; Mertz and Hill; boy breaks an ankle], p. 103

[Peterson; Zepplin and Chase; Thompson and Rickli], p. 104

[State Journal carriers win two-day visit here; Hodgson; Gerke and Jones; Oakley and Godding; Robb and Paulson], p. 105

[Linley and Shoenemann; Pifer parachute jump; Peterson and Nelson; Davies' double 4-generation picture; 63 Arena men, three women in war service], p. 106

[Lloyd; Davis], p. 107

[Roethlisberger 65th anniversary; 4-generation group poses for picture; Leary and Campbell; Thomas and Roberts; Thompson], p. 108

[As ministers aided in ordination service; Dodgeville pastor takes bride; Maahs and Berry; Nelson and Lundberg], p. 109

[Spohns' daughter dies in crash, five others injured as cars meet in Dodgeville snow storm; Kahlenberg; Lulloff and Martin; 15 area war dead returned from Pacific], p. 110

[Davis; Jones; Minix is crushed to death under gravel truck], p. 111

[Knewstubb 86th birthday; five generation group; Dairy Industries group; Jones and Swinehart], p. 113

[2 Arnesons meet in Japan, third stationed in Boston; Williams; Porter; bride, groom injured in crash; Ecker and Thompson], p. 114

[Ray; Amundsen; Ray; Schindler, Brue; Fischer graduates; Thomas], p. 115

[Peters and child; Hoff 60th anniversary; Bancroft], p. 116

[Is there a Santa Claus?; poems; just a boy], p. 117

[Dodgeville #67-50]


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