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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 5, No. 3 (Summer 1958)

New life member, Charles D. Gelatt,   p. 118

Page 118

118                        Wisconsin Academy Review
                             professional organizations.
                             0-2He is a member of the Nation-
                           a)l Science Foundation Board,
                             Carnegie Board of Trustees,
                             Advisory Council on Medical
                             Education and Wisconsin Hist-
                             orical Society Board.
                                 During his term as presi-
                             dent, over 51,000 students
                             received degrees from the U.W.
                             --nearly half of the 119,000
                             total during more than a
                             century.    At the beginning of
                             his 131b year, President Fred
                             participated in the rededica-
tion of the "Sifting and Winnowing" Plaque at Bascom Hall
on February 15, 1957 when he made the following statement:
... it seems to me that this rededication today should be
marked by renewed intent to employ to the fullest degree
the principles of the plaque--to utilize their fullest
power for the advancement of knowledge."   --- W.E.S.
     CHARLES GELATT was born at
La Crosse on January 4, 1918.  He
was educated in the public schools
of La Crosse,at Lake Forest Academy
and the U.W. where he was awarded
both the bachelor's and master's
degrees in 1939.  He was elected to
Phi Beta Kappa in his junior year,
and throughout his university
career maintained an almost perfect
     On graduation, he entered his
father's company, the Northern
Engraving and Manufacturing Company
of La Crosse, and by World War II
he had succeeded him as general
manager.  The company won the Army-
Navy award for excellence in shell
case production four times during
the war, and since, with several
associated companies, has pioneered
in introducing many manufacturing innovations.     Gelatt
was appointed to the U.W. Board of Regents in 1947. In
1955 he became the youngest president ever to head the
board and he was re-elected to that office the following
year. In 1956 he was reappointed to serve as regent until
May 1, 1965. Also in 1956 he served as Chairman of the
Coordinating Committee for Higher Education in Wisconsin.
- I
Wisconsin AcadeMy Review

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