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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 2, No. 1 (Winter 1955)

Hammer, Preston C.
The numerical analysis laboratory,   pp. 8-9

Page 8

8                Wisconsin Academy Review__
                                          THE NUMERICAL ANALYSIS
                                          By Preston C. Hammer
                                          Director, Numerical
                                          Analysis Laboratory, U.W.
Professor Hammer explaining problem
       to assistants
     Are you trying to design a hydrofoil boat? Do you
want to keep records of fish catches on various lakes?
Are you interested in an analysis of altruism? Do you
want to keep a summary of experiments in genetics? Do
you want to find out what happens when a flame ignites?
Have you a method for forecasting the weather or the
stockmarket? Do you want to analyze drop-size distribu-
tions in sprays or the word-distribution in Shakespeare's
plays? Would you like a bridge hand dealt without bias?
Would you like a random placing of shrubs on your lawn?
Have you a theory of star metabolism?
     If the answer to any of the above questions, or of
hundreds like them, is yes, it is almost certain that the
services of the University of Wisconsin's Numerical Anal-
ysis Laboratory would prove useful.
     The Numerical Analysis Laboratory is a division of
the University's Mathematics Department. It provides for
the University faculty and graduate students one of the
best university services in information handling, comput-
ing, and numerical analysis. Supported by research funds
budgeted by the College of Letters and Science and the
Graduate School, the Laboratory has modern electronic
computing machines and a staff to help University faculty
members with their research problems. It also serves as
a training place for about sixty people a year. At
present the machine unit of the Laboratory has mostly
punched card equipment. The two Card Programmed Calcula-
tors (C.P.C.) are the most expensive (rental $1650 per
month each) and the most effective on problems requiring
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