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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's Appleton city directory 1925. Containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens of Appleton, a miscellaneous directory of city, county and village officers, banks, buildings, churches, colleges, schools, secret and benevolent, trade and social organizations, etc. Also improved street and avenue guide, and householders' directory of Appleton, a "buyers' guide" and a complete classified business directory

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Page 309

      Meyer-Seeger Music Co.
                  1 I  'IABL1 1 I1 )  1,10
Phone 415    116 W. College Avenue Appleton, Wisconsin
Nussbaun Leona 1) knitter Zwicker Knitting Mills r,119
    (735) N Bennett
Nussbauhn Mary maid r1729 (1167) N Oneida
Nussbicker IHoward W aect Schlafer Ildw Co res Noenah
Nutting Clarence N (Cora) paperwhr Interlake I' & P Co
    liS14 (494) E North
Nutting Lenore student r814 (494) E North
Nygren Carroll waiter r403 (719) N Oneida
Nyman (leo (Cath) shoeonkr h415 (617) E Maple
Nymoen Ole (Clara) paperwhr Interlake P & 1P Co h1330
    (1424) W Franklin
0 K TAXI LINEF (0scar Kunitz), INay and N ight Taxi Seri-
    ice, Private Ambulanece 112 (814) IV lWash1inton,
    Phone 306
Oaks Ilarry C (Margt) elk John Oaks h414 (644) Sumnmer
Oaks John (Anianda S) confr 125 (631) N Appleton h do
Oaks Virginia elk John Oaks r125 (631) N Appleton
Oashger Cath hskpr 214 (7336) E Kimball
Ochiltree Walter (Elsie (1) lab hi1 t08 (956) N Oneida
0chtaghen Olga tchr r117 (777) E IHarris
Ockerman John instr Lawrence College r7 (16) throkaw
O'Connell Fannie elk r618 (816) N Appleton
O'Connell Margt elk r618 (816) N Appleton
O'(onnor Anita S slsldy Pettihone-IPeabody Co r832 (474)
    E Franklin
O'Connor Belinda nurse rH17 (653) N Lawe
O'Connor Clara tehr r117 (653) N Lawe
'(}''()N-OI0 ) X)ONALI) .1 (21linnie), Physician, Office Hours
    11 to 12 in, 2 to 5 1) m, Rooms 427-433 Insurance Bldg,
    22S W ((ollege av, Phone 500, lhl 16 N Creen Bay,
    Phone 228
O'Connor Ellen E buyer Pettibone-lPeabody Co 1017 (653)
    N Lawe
O'Connor Mareella student r834 (474) E Franklin
O'Connor Martin lab h124 (568) S Walmit
O'Connor Michl J (Mary J) emp Riverside Greenhouses hi
    834 (474) E Franklin
O'Connor Virginia r116 (626) N Green Bay
Odd Fellows Block 201-3 (747-749) E College av
Odd Fellows Hall (Rhine Lodge) (851) W College av
O'l)eal John lather r312 W College av
Odell Ambrose C (Marie G) pntr h531 (993) W Lawrence
0disio Anton (Eliz) mason h110 (585) S Story
O'Donovan John Rev asst pastor St Joseph's Church r404
    (924) W Lawrence
Oelke Henry (Ella) real est 516 (610) E Pacific h do
Oelke Orla student r516 (610) E Pacific
Two Floors
  of Good
  to Wear
  106 E.
College Ave.

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