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16th annual report of the county agricultural agent in Wood County Wisconsin. 1936

Wood County agricultural conservation program,   pp. 1-2 ff. PDF (1.4 MB)

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     The Soil Consorvation Program, as cnaotcd by O6tigross'and di-.
roctod by farm groups in the Unitod Statos, wms oxplaincd to farmors
in Vcod County by the County Zgrioultural .gont during the first ton
days ln ipril, 1936.
     Purposes of thc program woro to (1) ohock soil erosion, (2) im-
provc soil fertility, and (3) maintain a farm income. soil erosion
by water is not a bi factor in ""'ood county but soil oresion by
wind has booonc a scrious factor.
     A shcltcrbolt Drooram vias inauguratoC by tho '..isoonsin "cnsor-
vation Department in cooperation with the office of the County
L&ricultural .gont, with thu idea of checking the lossos of soil by
wind. Thu usC of crops to prevcnt soil erosion by watcr is not
especially nocdcd in Vcood County.  Zoils in "..'od County arc largely
of an igneous oriain and, as suoh, arc not Gsopcially woll supplied
with phosphorus, lime, or notash. A11 good farmers agree that kcep-
ing a Dart of their l.nd in sod year helps to maintain fcrtili-
ty, especially if thc covcr crops are loeuncs, such as alfalfa,
svtoot clover, or rcd clovcr.
     The provisions of the Soil Conservation 'rogram enable farmers
in '.ood County to makc - shirt from soil Conlcting crops to soil
conscrving crops of at lcast 15% and receives a payment of $10.30
pur acre On tho avcrago; also, thc program permits farmers to adapt
such soil building prvcticcs as will improvc soil fcrtility, such
as liming, cpnlication of fertilizers, rc-scodinC to loeumcs or
pl'ntin: the land to trces under rccomuendod forestry Dracticos.
Soil building pcymcnt specifications arc a.s follows:-
   62.00 pcr aorc for soedine alfalfa
   1.50 )or acre for scai,.  rcd clover, or maomcth clover
   1.00 per acrc for s(coding alsikc clover, swcot clover, and
         whitc clovcr
    1.50 per acre fcr legume mixtures Which ocntain 50% or more
         of any of the lcgumcs such as alsiko, swcet clovcr, and
         white clover
    1.50 pcr r.cro for soybeans plowed under as a green ranuro crop
    2.50 pcr rcro for the application of at least 2 tons of ground
         limestone or its oquivrlcnt, such as li cubic yards of
         limo sluc'gc; 200 lbs. burnt lime; 2000 lbs. wood ashes;
         1800 lbs. hydrated limo; or 2 cubic yards of marl
    5.00 por ¢cro for planting crop land or pasture with treos
         using good forestry rcoonicndatioas and planting abcut
         1200 trocs per acre
     Those provisions of the soil progrem enable farmors in Wood
Ccunty to comply to rn c:.tont ;hercby they can securo federal pay-
monts uaincr the Soil Ccnsrvv>tion Program and the Coil Duilding Pro-
gram of at lcast $150,000.00.  This is an estimato Which will do-
pond cntircly upon the attitude of farmers znd on thoir ability to
make the shift .-nd apply thc soil buileing practiocs provided for
in the program.

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