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University of Wisconsin / The winter course in dairy manufacturing, 1935-36

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will be given to students who have attended the full term and have
taken all the examinations.
    After completing the course every dairy student should work for
a certificate. To secure a certificate the student must have spent a full
term of twelve weeks in the Winter Dairy Course and passed a satis-
factory examination in all exercises. A standing below 6o in any one
examination makes the student ineligible to receive a certificate. He
must also have worked in a creamery, cheese factory or other plant for
two seasons. One of these seasons must follow the period spent here,
and during this time the candidate must have practical charge of a
department of the factory in which he is working. He will report the
operations of his factory monthly, or as often as directed, on blanks
furnished by the college.
    The university will send an authorized person to inspect the fac-
tory of the candidate, and no certificate will be issued if an unfavorable
report is made by the inspector. If all of the conditions are satisfactor-
ily complied with, the candidate will receive a certificate. Owing to
the expense of inspection, the university does not agree to grant certi-
ficates to students operating factories in other states, but arrangements
will be made to do so if possible.
       Second Semester-December 31, 1935-January i8, 1936
8:00-12:oo daily-Either butter or ice cream laboratory
I :30-3 :oo Monday-Friday-Either butter or ice cream laboratory
3:00-4:00 -Monday-Friday-Either butter or ice cream lectures
               January 20, I936 to February 8, I936
8:00-I2:00 daily-Either cheese or market milk laboratory
I :30-3 :00 Monday-Friday-Either cheese or market milk laboratory
3:00-4:00 'Monday-Friday-Either cheese or market milk lectures
                     TUITION AND FEES
                     WINTER DAIRY COURSE
    Tuition is free to residents of Wisconsin. For the dairy course
of 12 weeks the tuition for nonresidents is $41.33 in addition to the
other fees given below.
    All students in this course pay the following fees: Incidental fee
$8.5o; laboratory fee $io, breakage and key deposit $2 (unused por-

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