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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association / Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers' Association. Thirtieth annual meeting, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, January 16th, 1917. Twenty-ninth summer meeting, M. O. Potter's marsh, Cranmoor, Wis., August 8th, 1916

Fitch, J. W.
Minutes of the 30th annual meeting of the W. S. C. G. A.,   pp. 7-8 PDF (305.4 KB)

Page 7

W.S. C. G.A.
J W. F irniH.
The 30th Annual meeting of the V. S. C. G. A. proved to be one of
the most interesting and promises to be one of the most important
ever held. The members seemed to be thoroughly awakened to the ad-
vantage of a more active interest and cooperation with the work of the
experiment station. It is now felt the station will not have to be
moved but can be continued and perhaps expanded if thought best.
S      A sufficient supply of water for it can be secured from neighboring
ponds, there seemed to be some decided opposition to moving it and
while the lease cannot be at this time renewed, it appeared that by the
time the lease expires, 1918, satisfactory arrangements can be made.
Dr. E. D. Ball, state entomologist, who was present gave the growers
many valuable ideas as to the functions of an experiment station as
well as the most practical methods of making experiments. Dr. Ball
was unanimously made an honorary member of the association and
chairman of a committee including President Searls and Mr. C. R.
Treat who are to visit the station and assist in laying out work, in
fact to give as much assistance as possible to the management of the
station. Dr. Ball's hearty interest in the discussions was a great in-
spiration to the growers and all feel that in him we have secured a
very great help in the solving of some of our hardest problems, those
in the insect line.
The address of Mrs. S. N. Whittlesey, who was the delegate to the
Horticultural meeting was also of the greatest interest to all and was
a very well aimed rebuke to the growers for not taking advantage
of the opportunity offered at the Horticultural meeting for a splendid
exhibit of this fruit. There is no question as to the deep impression
made by Mrs. Whittlesey as after she was through many growers said
that they would see to it that they sent something for this display.
A most beautiful exhibit can be made both of the fresh and cooked
fruit and we will prove it at the next meeting of the Horticultural
Society. President Searls address was as usual one of the very best
given and contained many valuable suggestions as to growing methods,
which will be reviewed in a later number. Mr. C. M. Seeker, who was
in Chicago helping sell cranberries told the growers that he wished
everyone could go through his experience then they would really see
the necessity of the utmost care in packing the fruit. Very fine re-
ports were received from the northern bogs. Miss Ida M. Huyck, of
Minong, reported a crop of about 80 barrels to the acre which Is a re-
markably high average, the general average being 20 barrels or be-
low. There Is no question but that the business is going to boom and
that in the near future the cranberry crop will again be a notable one
of Wisconsin's wonderful products.

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