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Wisconsin State Agricultural Society / Transactions of the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, including the proceedings of the state agricultural convention held in February, 1885, together with other practical papers
Vol. XXIII (1885)

Fox, C. D.
Forward march,   pp. 346-367

Page 346

honoring your draft; and now the benediction of Tim, Tim, 
God bless us, every one. 
Mr. Hoard.- I want to offer the Irishman's toast to our 
dear old Patrick here, "may the Lord God take a liking to 
By C. D. Fox, of Illinois. 
It is said of a celebrated Greek scholar that when he came 
to die he expressed the regret that instead of devoting his 
life to the Greek noun, he had not restricted himself to its 
dative case. His sense of the incompleteness of his work 
was so great that it made hirn wish that he had undertaken 
less in amount, but more thoroughly. Something of the 
same sense of incompleteness has followed since my own 
effort of a year ago on the subject of wind power on the 
farm, the theme was acknowledged to be new to me in 
many respects, while in others more familiar, so many sug- 
gestions were left unmentioned, and so many applications 
unestimated, that it seemed to me that the matter was hardly 
more than stated, and not developed. To satisfy my own 
sense of what the subject requires, and at the same time 
comply with the invitation of your secretary, I have decided 
to supplement my last winter's paper with a few more words 
on <wind as a farm motor." 
Furthermore, while I am not prompted to appear before 
this convention by the expectation of imparting anything 
of importance to the farmers of Wisconsin on the general 
subject of agriculture, yet there may be some things devel- 
oped in my efforts to utilize one of the most fickle and er- 
ratie forces of nature that may be of interest. 
In any event if I do not take away with me more of value 
than I leave, it will be because I am a poor scholar. 
"Forward March," is the watchword of our age and coun- 
try. It is also the motto of this paper. 
In the paper of last winter referred to, uhis point among 
others was male, namely, "The geared windmill on the 

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