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Toepel, M. G.; Kuehn, Hazel L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin Blue Book, 1958

Thomson, Vernon W.
Foreword,   pp. [iii]-iv PDF (368.7 KB)

Page [iii]

O   NE hundred and ten years have elapsed since Wisconsin
    became the thirtieth state in the Union. In those 11 decades
our state has reached maturity and has gained an enviable repu-
tation in this community of commonwealths. We have a sound
economic structure, well-established social institutions and a for-
ward-looking government which possesses a reputation for ef-
ficiency, effectiveness and honesty. In spite of the healthy in-
dividual differences regarding the solutions of many of our
problems which make for progress, our citizens are united in their
desire that Wisconsin keep and enhance its reputation.
  In the 5 score and 10 years which have elapsed since Wiscon-
sin was proclaimed a state the people have by diligent effort
forged from the wilderness a place to live. No part of our econom-
ic progress was a gift to the peopile. It was attained through the
exertions of the brain and brawn. Nor were the benefits of gov-
ernment granted without effort. Behind each major advance-
ment in the services to the public there is a history of hard work
on the part of a dedicated and often outnumbered group of pio-
neers. That which we have today is the result of the toughness of
spirit, the tenacity of the body and the strength of the heart of
those who have passed before us.
   We in whom the destiny of our state is now entrusted have an
obligation to those who brought our great state this far, and to
those who will come after us, to leave the state not only in an
equally enviable position, but in a better position for our having
been here. We, the people, from the elector just turned 21 to
the Governor, from the dairy farmer to the millworker, from
the apartment house dweller to the backwoods hermit, from the
citizen of means to the uninhibited traveler of the byways - all
of us have an obligation created by the privilege of residing in

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