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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 4, No. 2 (Spring 1957)

State and Academy news,   pp. 93-94

Page 93

r  19' -9
                                         STATE AND
           Collected by Prof. Roy J. Christoph (Review Reporter)
                A new $900,000 commons-union building was viewed
          by 1500 visitors at an open-house held February 3.  The
 8i s__S  building was designed by FRANK C. SHATTUCK, college
          architect.  Refectory facilities had been in operation
since the start of the school year, but lounges, ballroom, book
store and meeting rooms were placed in service officially for the
first time at the open-house. ... Students in advanced geography
courses under the direction of Professor BENJAMIN F. RICHASON have
taken to the field for theoretical and practical problems. One
group is attempting to determine the existence of a Welsh "cul-
tural island" in the morainal area of western Waukesha county,
while a second group is mapping land use in New Berlin township.
The latter project is being done for the office of the Waukesha
county planner. ... Professor RICHARD L. BURDICK of the education
department represented Carroll at an academic conference held
March 1, 1957 at Lake Forest college as part of the Illinois
school's centennial celebration. Theme of the conference was,
"The Proper Function of the Liberal Arts College." ... President
ROBERT D. STEELE is now serving as president of the Waukesha
Chamber of Commerce.
     A committee composed of faculty, trustees and alunni has
selected a Schulmerich carillon as a memorial to the late Prof.
VINCENT P. BATHA, long-time professor of physics. The unit will
be installed in time for use at commencement, June 9t. ...
Professor ROY J. CHRISTOPH will be Visiting Lecturer in botany on
the 1957 summer session staff of the University of Wisconsin. ...
Academic Dean MERTON D. MUNN is leaving in June to assume the
duties of Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at
Silliman University, Philippine Islands. ... "Three Evenings with
the Arts" is the title of a cultural series planned for the new
commons-union in cooperation with the Commission on Arts of the
Association of American Colleges. Argentine pianist Raul Spivak
opened the series on March 7t. Harriet Fitzgerald, director of
New York's Abingdon Square painters, lectured on "The Art of the
1950's" on March 21st. Soprano Ann Moray closes the performances
with a recital of Celtic songs and legends on April 25b.
      Collect       d y Dir ctor W. C. Mcrn(Review Reporter)
      The Milwaukee Public Museum will have an expedition in Alaska
this fall to collect white Dall sheep for a Museum exhibit, and
birds of the area for purposes of scientific record and study. The
expedition is being financially sponsored by Messrs. ARTHUR
MacARTHUR of Janesville and ROBERT TRACY of Milwaukee, and, in
addition to the sponsors, will include the following personnel:
Messrs. OVEN J. GROMIAE, Curator of Birds & Mammals (in charge);
WALTER C. PELZER, mammal taxidermist; LESTER J. DIEDRICH, bird
taxidermist; and WILLIAM L. SCHULTZ, artist and preparator.  In
addition to the collecting of specimens, members of the expedition
Sprina. 1957

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