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Scott, Walter E. (ed.) / Wisconsin Academy review
Vol. 2, No. 1 (Winter 1955)

In memoriam--George Wagner,   pp. 28-30

Page 28

     3hi 3irm~nram - (swrurr UBugurr             18fl7-1fl54
     (t Memorial resolution of the Faculty of the University of
     Wisconsin on the death of Emeritus Professor GEORGE 1t1AGNER)
     GEORGE WIAGNER, Emeritus
Professor of Zoology died on
October 6, 1954, at Marion,
Indiana, where he had been liv-
ing wfth his daughter,Louise.
Professor Wagner was born on
February 4, 1873, at New olin,
Minnesota.  There he attended
the elementary and secondary
schools and worked for two
years In a drugstore.
     In 1891 he enrolled in
the School of Pharmacy, Uni-
versity of           Kasalichigan, where he
received the Certificate in
Pharmacy in 1893.  Thereupon,
for four months, he managed a
drugstore at horgan, Minnesota.
Then in January, 1894, he be-
came instructor in the School
of Pharmacy of Northwestern
University, Evanston, Illinois,
where he taught botany and
pharmacognosy.  It was here
that he met Jennie Van der Veer
to whom he was married on
August 19, 1896.
     After teaching one year at Northwestern University, he went
to the University of Kansas in September, 1895, as instructor in
pharmacy; and by 1899 he had advanced to associate professor. It
was there that he acquired a great interest in animal life and
the desire to make it his life work. Consequently, In 1899, he
enrolled in the University of Michigan as an assistant in zoology;
and there in 1905 was awarded. the 14.A. degree. These years of
graduate study were stimulating years, for among his fellow gradu-
ate students were Raymond Pearl and H. S. Jennings who later be-
came outstanding leaders In zoology.
     In the fall of 1905 he began his work as instructor in zo-
ology at the University of y isconsin.  He was promoted there to
Assistant Professor In 1910; to Associate Professor in 1919; to
Professor in 1951; and in 1945 was retired as Emeritus.
     During his 40 years at Wisconsin he taught: general zoology,
comparative anatomy of vertebrates, invertebrate zoology, animal
behavior., variation and heredity, bionomics, organic evolution,
rn- norn Ithao Io Pv.
     He started the first course in ornithology at Wisconsin in
1907; and he maintained an active program of bird banding trhrough-
out his active teaching years.   Between the yea~rs 19_5 T'c .94 r e
t"'~J ni's students banded around 50,000 birds; and he kept card
records of all bandings and returns received. Prominent among his
--   --           LLUV.6VV%'
IIIi ri ~r)n pi n   ^ MA p mir Ran - Post-

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