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The Thistle

[Juniors],   pp. [12]-[13]

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ludor Class blsto                         fr Class Ulf 7lldaps 
HE present Junior Class entered the fields        0 ME of us are J nniors
now and some of 
of the Freshmen with the unlucky num-         us are Seniors, but we were
a united 
ber twenty-three. We were the largest         class of Sophomores in nineteen
class in school, so what we lacked in knowl-  six. We are now so sedate that
you'll hardly 
edge we made up for in numbers, and through   believe we were ever up to
such pranks as I'm 
the whole year we were able to hold our own   going to tell you about. 
against the upper classes.                      Ours was a lucky class, always
having a 
The September following we entered the      record entitling us to holidays
and we all had 
Sophomore year, seven strong, and we trem-    our share of the fun. The days
when Nick 
bled for our future. But we were joined by    Sun was doing his best to make
us uncomfort- 
two strong members from our neighboring       able indoors, we generally
chose for these half 
school at Gillett and by several condescending  holidays. Some times we could
induce the 
students from the class above us. Our popu-   Seniors to come with us, for
although they 
larity with students was shown by the fact    were more dignified in school
than we, they 
that we filled all the offices in the Literary  did not hesitate to join
in our good times. 
Society with members of our class, and our      The resort selected for our
jollifications was 
popularity with teachers by the fact that our  Flatley's farm, a deserted
place about a mile 
names were oftenest on the detention list and  from town. Here we could enjoy
our holiday 
we spent many long hours after school in      to our hearts' content, with
no one's criticism. 
their company.                                We usually gained entrance
to the house 
We have now reached our Junior year. We     through the windows and then
we were at 
have eleven members, five of whom have been   liberty to play games and amuse
together since Freshmen. We have in our       We tried always to leave things
the way we 
class orators and debaters, and some of the   found them, with the exception
of an inscaip- 
best athletes in school                      tion of our names and the date
of our visit in 
We are this year editing this annual, which  some conspicuous place. The
will be a memorial for the Junior Class of    barn often echoed with our
class yells and 
1908.              GILBERT FITZGERALD.        br    fe    codwt        u
 ls    el   n 
songs, sounds which must have recalled to 
the old building days long passed when happy 
It's of Mr. Schaub we are telling,         children played there. Swings
were put up 
Who wanted the words on for spelling,     from the highest beams, and who
were the 
He did the rubbing                        girls afraid to put them up? None.
And Mabel the scrubbing,                    Some of the boys and girls would
desert us 
But he soon pardoned her for rebelling,    and go for a stroll down Lovers'
Lane. But 
There is a teacher named Winn,             what offense was that? Boys and
girls have 
Who is so exceedingly thin,               strolled in lovers' lanes since
time immemo- 
She rides on hand sleighs                 rial. 
And still finds it pays                     A luncheon was always carried
with us and 
To make boys and girls walk up prim.      stored in the house until the middle
of the 
Hafternoon, when we would be tired and want 
Heard after teachers' meeting:              a lunch. A well on the farm supplied
us with 
"Mr. Schaub, may I have some chalk?"        cold water. After luncheon
we would all go to 
"No; we haven't a bit in the building."     the nearby woods to
gather flowers. About 
The teacher went home with a box of         sundown we would start for home,
a merry 
"crayon."~                                    crowd returning from
a day of pleasure! Oft 
Chorus practice: Music hath charms to       times fond memory brings these
happy days to 
soothe a savage, split a rock and burst a     our minds, but we can never
again be Sopho- 
cabbage.                                      mores. Alas!              

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