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The town of Texas

I. General historical information,   pp. 1-9

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The development of the natural resources
of our Township seem to unfold its
history. When the first pioneers came to
our Township they found the surface cov-
ered with timber. The logging industry
boomed and the large timber corporations
reaped the cream of the crop. Sawmills
and logging camps were built.
The banks of the Trappe River were decked
high with piles of logs during winter
months. When the spring thaws came, the
log drives were held. The logs were
floated down the river either to sawmills
or to Wausau. The last drive was held
in 1912.
Logging was a winter occupation. Sleds
were used. Snow was essential for skid-
ding the logs. Water tanks were used to
ice the roads.
Kettner farms. Presently Elmer Beese is
operating a sawmill on the old Brehmer
farm. There were many mills and we are
sorry if we haven't accounted for all of
Herman Beese Mit
WateA Tank Used to Ice Loading Roads
Many sawmills were scattered throughout
the Township. The O'Brien Mill was
located about 40 acres east of the O'Brien
Road. This property now belongs to Paul
Steffen. The Beese Brothers owned a mill
on what is now the Rocky Ridge Road, just
northeast of Hemlock Lane. Fred DeVoe
had a large sawmill, a planing mill, and
a dry kiln at his quarry sight off of
Whiskey Road. Jim Finn owned a mill near
the County line. The Sann's had a mill
on the Pieper Road. The Naef Mill was
located on County Trunk J. Later mills
were located on the Elmer Bootz and
A shingle mill was located at the Shingle
Mill Rapids near Trap City. A sawmill
was located at Trap City too. It has
been reported that a shingle mill was
located on Cain Creek, south of the
County line, but we couldn't find any
data on it.
When the railroad companies began laying
their tracks, they discovered the granite
rock which promoted the quarry industry.
The first quarries were started in the
Heights area. Then Fred DeVoe explored
the central section of our Town and
started the Weinkauf Quarry. When this
quarry became depleted, he started the
quarry off of the Whiskey Road. Other
companies followed Mr. DeVoe in this area.
They are the Marathon Granite Company,
D. J. Murray Corporation, The Prehn
Brothers, Lake Wausau Granite Company and
Agnes DeVoe. Miss DeVoe's Quarry was
later operated by Cliff Traeger.
The Lake Wausau Granite Company, The Cold
Spring Granite Company and The Monumental
Sales of Minnesota are the only quarries
in operation at the present time.

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