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Hamilton drafting room furniture
Catalog No. 7 (1929)

[Drafting room furniture]

S    55    )
Hamilton Artist Table Nos. 194 and 194-A
H   ERE is a practical artists table sold at the lowest price
.   ever known for a table of this quality. Only our large
production has made it possible to produce this table at the
low price we ask for it.
It is adaptable to
any kind   of art
work   including
commercial art, sign
writing, sketching,
or painting. As
shown by the il-
lustrations there is
ample leg room
under the table.
BOARD: Table
No. 194 has a bass-
wood    drawing
board 18"x 24" and
has a clear space at
the right 10" wide
and 18" deep for
artists materials
Table No. 194 with board 18" x 24"            such as water jars,    Showing Board Set Vertically
colors, brushes, etc.
THE SLIDE: It also has a slide on the right for additional materials.
THE DRAWER: Directly under the drawing board is a drawer with a round bottom compartment at the front for brushes, etc.
THE TILTING FEATURE: It has a special device for tilting the drawing board,
to almost any angle, as well as vertically. The cut below shows this device in
detail. It is simple, yet positive and practical, and when not in use the board may
be laid flat.
TABLE NO. 194-A: This table
has a large board   23"x31"
covering the table top. When
this is used we recommend our
Artist Auxiliary Table No. 192
in connection, as a cabinet to
hold the artists materials, copy,
reference material, etc. This
Auxiliary Table No. 192 is fully
described and illustrated on page
40, Catalog No. 7.
For the Commercial Artist          struction of the above tables is
strong and rigid, when set up.
It is shipped knocked-down in a
carton to reduce freight charges.
It is a very simple matter to   Table No. 194-A with board 23" x 31"
assemble it.
MATERIAL AND FINISH: Made of oak and elm with a good light golden
oak finish. The drawing board is of basswood and the tilting device is of steel,
black enameled.
DIMENSIONS: Width, 32"; Depth, 18"; One drawer 10V" x 142" x 112"
inside; One slide 101V" x 12".
Table No. 194-Drawing Board 18" x 24".
Table No. 194-A-Drawing Board 23" x 31".
HOW SHIPPED: Shipped knocked down.
Showing the Tilting Device

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