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Dull, J. Alfred / Green Bay and Fort Howard directory. Containing historical information of their early settlement and growth; their present standing; schools, churches, societies, etc. Also business directory of principle dealers. Street directory, ward boundaries, etc.

[Green Bay city directory: L],   pp. 90-93 PDF (875.5 KB)

Page 90

Kusteriann, Rob't, clerk, G  Somnmers, bds nw cor Crooks
  and Jackson
Kyber, G E T, iSnuraInce, Collectlng and passeiger agent,
  2d floor, 1o2 Vadhington, res Allonez
I-a Hart, S, groCer, n1 s Nlain, 3(l e Adams
Labore, Albert, reI C s i Chicago, ist e Monroe
Lacourt, Anton, shoemaker, s s Walnut, 2d e Jackson
Lacourt, Prosper, shoeinaker, n s Cherry, 3(1 e Clay
I.ake, Maruin, rus s s Cooks, 3(1 w  aiiBur.n
L.aflOWer, JJoseph, Coopler, 1)ds 222 Main
LAMARRE, CONSTANCE, fTuit mnd feed, 78 \Vashingt       res
  e s Adams, 2d s River
LAMIB, G A, physcian, office 2d story, 16o W:ashigton, res s
  C cor Jefersu on and Walnut
Larab, \Willard, lumber meichant, res nxw cor Crooks nd
L1amb, C Nliss, 14tdcnt, 1)dS 2d Story t5 Cherry
Larnbdin, II S, telegrjaph operator, \V C R R depot, bds 267
LAMPSON, F Mf, paintewr, s s \Valnut, 4th wv Adams
Ilvider, XM J, attorney, otfice 2d story 1,18 Washington
Lange, 11, carriagc trimmer for A Weise, res n a \VWhut, 2d
  e of Monroe
Lnidxwehr, S, proprictor Green Bay Ilouse, Cor Adanis alnd(
  L&NGLOTS, J B, iwoprietor IHome '-Jo 0n, 11q Wa-hington,
  res 1oo Cherry
Langhlois, F 11, clrk, j 11 Laniglois, lds 1oo Cherry
I ~agton, Jc mi ,a Nrs1 " d,1, res 1  j efrers01
LANGTON, G N, f'ced store, 0o6 WVshington, 1(, 133 JetC
Langton, C T, d0 ri cs ex[ )r(.-sS wagon, re1s 133 Jffeleron
ILungton, (q lbdw 133 Jellni on
Lantz, () to, clerk, [")3 \Vashingtn(, b(ts WVhittington H-louse
Lpi0w, Loin. sh1i ca'p.nctC(, [Cs n s StIart, 5th e Clay
Iatl)01 (C,  lIC, (7 Scl 1001
Lar.sen, Mary, Nx - \Ve.bStcr, 1st 11 Croolk'
     ,en, Jnia, c s WcIVsir, u't 1 ('rooks
 larose, SIoNh Wis, (es xx J ackson, 2(1 s IMOoI''De
 Inhai  , I Ixwrenee, "ai1'enter, res n s of \\ahnt. Kst s of
 Larshrnl, NI, te(m>0t1s  Cs ,(.w cot Stuart (ld 'TxX Iclith
 L       lxsixg, 'dwaid, sawyer, r,1W C0x io \Veblster and Doty
 1.ast, John [1, res 19 Stwiri

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