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Hagen family; Lian, Anders / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[From Anders Lian/Andrew Lee]/ E. Lbr. Camp 1/ 2 - [18]91 PDF (238.8 KB)

[From Anders Lian/Andrew Lee]
                                          E. Lbr. Camp 1/2 - 91
Dear brother!
      After  having    waited quite  long I finally received a
 letter from you some days ago.   To receive   letters  is  the
 only  diversion   a person has up here in the woods;   the one
 day goes exactly as the others.   So I see that everything is
 going well there at home  which is the happiest thing for
 me to learn.   I can bring the same information back to   you.
 I am well most of the time.
      From  your letter I see that you have decided not to go
 to America this year.    First of   all, I  will  say  that   I
 almost  thank   you, not  because   I  finally can say that it
 would be really disadvantageous for you    to   come here, but
 because I think it would be terrible if we both should leave
 father and mother.    Moreover, I will say that I am not going
 to remain in America long either.   There will always be time
 for you to come here after I have returned,   if we live then,
 we shoud note.
      Now then,  I ought to tell you how it looks here in "the
 Camp" as people call it.
      There  is first a rather large long building with bunks
 to lie in on two levels on both sides [of    the  room]    and
 inbetween a large stove in the middle.    There we stay mostly
 during the evenings and Sundays.
      Then  there   is a large "cook shanty", as it is
 where the food is prepared and   where   we  eat.  A  horn  is
 blown for every time that we are to come in and eat.
      In  addition   there   is an office where the boss is,   a smith, 
and many buildings in which to keep    the  horses, oxen
 and pigs.
      Concerning   oxen   there must be 50-60 strong and 14-16
 horses besides those which bring food    and  fodder  up  here
 from  the station.    Four horses are used for every load, but
 then you must believe that they make huge loads!
      With this I will quit for this time with many greetings
 from me, your brother
      Best wishes!
                     Andrew Lee
                     725 Vater str.
                     Eau Claire
As I do not know how long I will be    up  here  you'd  better
 address my letters to Eau Claire.

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