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Janesville city directory, 1892-93, with a compendious street directory and map

H,   pp. 128-146

Page 128

4UMB     LATH & 
ram3 A"ar i rxR A 
Gull Mary, wks. E. B. Co., rem. 206 S. Frauklin. 
Guild William H., fireman C. & N. W., res. 162 N. Main. 
Gulde Andrew, stident bds. 203 N. Bluff. 
Gune. Jennie, domestic, rem. 101 Pearl. 
Guther Jacob, engineer C. & N. W., rem. 505 Galena. 
Guttenburg Charles J., wks A. C. Kent, rem. 57 Hickory. 
Guttenburg Mary, (wid. Michael), rem. 57 Hiokory. 
Grundle Philip, (Loche & Gundle). 
Grundy Joseph, (Cleland, Grundy &' Haviland). 
xDT BANDMU        leaf tobacco,.458 Pleasant, re. 858 Wieft. ave. 
Haddock John, fireman, bds. 251 WaIL 
Hadden William, (Hadden Scott & Mouat,) res. 6& N. l irm.o 
lADDIM, BM0W & EOUAT, (Win. Hadden, James Soott th.uL. IL 
Mouat), importers French Coach, Draft and Engl sl-ur hoir s mk, 
8 N. Bluff. 
Hadley Andrew A., carp., rem. 107 Mineral Point ave. 
Hagmn Joseph A., Caady & Hagan), rem. 255 S. Franklin. 
HOW Alvin E., engineer C. & N. W., rem. 257 Centre ave. 
Hagar Benjamin, res. 259 Center ave. 
Hawa Frank, lab. C. & N. W., rem. 202 Lincoln. 
Hagar Isaac W., fireman C. & N. W., rem 259 Centre ave. 
HaEny Frank, helper A. C. Kent res. 52. St. Mary's ave.. 
Hageny James, laster . & N., rems. 205 S. Franklin. 
Hageny James, track foreman J. St. R'y. 
Hageny John, helper A. C. Kent, re. 52 St. Mary's ae. 
Hageny John, lab., rems. 102 Glen. 
Hageny Thomas, fireman 0. & N. W., rems. 804 North. 
Hagny William, finisher B. & N., res. 52 St. Marys ave. 
Hageny, see also Hegney. 
Hager August carp., res. 156 Jefferson. 
Haer Fred, section hand, rem. 156 Jeffemmn        - 
RE. e,Col, 
-,-] A F: 

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