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Janesville city directory, 1889, with a compendious street directory

G,   pp. 145-153

Page 145

best brands of Cutlery. 
FRI                            145                          GAG 
Frink Harry, cigar mfg bds Park Hotel. 
Friteg Frederick, wks D K Jeffris bds Railroad House. 
Fritz G Charles restaurant 5 S Franklin res same. 
Fritz Henry C, cigar mkr res 252 S 3rd. 
Froestad Martha, domestic Wis Blind Inst. 
Frost Elizabeth G, res 7 Prospect ave. 
Frost Mary (wid James), res 206 Wisconsin. 
Frost Susan (wid John), res 7 Prospect Ave. 
Fulker John A, stationary engineer C & N W res 202 Center ave. 
Fuller Edwin C, expressman C & N W res 256 W Bluff. 
Fuller Maud L, student res 252 W Bluff. 
Fuller William L, teamster J B G & Ca res 117 E Milwaukee. 
Funck Henry, miller res 115 Western ave. 
Funk William, trimmer B & M res 58 Milton ave. 
Furey Annie, res 52 Jefferson. 
Furey James, lab res 52 Jefferson. 
Furey John, car repairer C & N W res 52 Jefferson. 
Furey Michael, switchman C & N W res 52 Jefferson. 
Furey Thomas P, lab res 52 Jefferson. 
GAGAN James, bay, feed etc n s Holmes 4 w Center ave res 168 Cen- 
ter ave. 
Gagan Jennie, dressmkr 39 S Main, res same. 
Gagan Teasie J, dressmkr res 39 8 Main. 
Gage Charles H, express messenger res 160 N Bluff. 
Gage Eliza (wid Louis D), res 160 N Bluff. 
Gage James G, res 4 East N. 
Gage Oliver N, bartender bds Park Hotel. 
Gagen Agnes C, res w s Beloit road 2 s Eastern ave. 
Gagen John, wks cotton factory res e s Arch 1 s Pleasant. 
Gagen John M, clk H A Baker, bds 75 Racine. 
1Mill1s           0      Lowest Prices for Plumbers 
ills    B         .I First Olass Work.                    * 

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