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James, Ada Lois, 1876-1952 / Ada James papers, correspondence, 1912, Nov. 8-Dec. 23
Wis Mss OP, Box 17, Folder 3 ([unpublished])

[Letter from Sophie Gudden to Ada: Oskhosh, Wis., Dec. 17, 1912] PDF (267.1 KB)

Oahkesho, Wis.De.l,71912.
25 lK.Yernew Str.
Doar Ades-
T entirely agree with You thou&'h I had net ftlly understood
conditions before. 3 WANT UR8.YW*AS if she can be Indueed to take the
presidency. W   also wvat autmobile ot deer speakinL In sumer which
is the moat effeetive spaigs, Sirne I have made over 15 addresses I
feel that I sean Juge the effedtvoaeass of this phase of the work, as
marny times mon cse up to the auto and said they wr* converted.
Tn wintertime and spring )ehurehes, halls, theaters sad  olubs are good
* suffrage pastures*.
I also believe that we ought to have a paid secretary ande organizers,but
would make the maximum pay *lN.oas evor~ern     eutt to be willRg to
give her *!o. only yiOu etan and ouht Wo e expee    *o have on Organ'z;c
d  i  as a bIUs *ens  h oughea o  he V*ae- w . 1A*4 oval1t    ad V   4
a5 :   nnens   o       - al a eR4s   ad d*p      on*n1l en  volunteer workors.
Why even my typewriter rofuexs to pon such plans,
You may ho interested to know that I not only have written a weekly
Oerman article In the Wausau Woehonblatt sine. March, but haye continued
so every second week sinee eleetion. The editor told me that he voted
for us and hoped I would continue to sn    articlen. Sins election k a-
d#soo paper attaked no anOd goet answored, also 8tern in the Wau:u
Weehoxlnltt. I headed my anaworw A duel with W-re Stern" ,,n    r do
think tihat V will tackle no seen agaln. "P    mitniaW also aee*yote
would like to attend 'ho cenvention, espeeially if we have to he on
the alert, 'ut do net know If t can as T a   getfinL very lam* thiA da
wether. _1' I   WTLT, WT arn mimt brine P anai'i before tV e legislatuec!
roee  You- ftzýher kneo the men elec-ted in  the eh-,nee we hrveo
rie 6e
net wsrt to 1#    w,ý Vte at * erý,e-iz  offoert'.
With much love, deir 'ý Ant
~- ,1                                       t  .oi- ever

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