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Perry Historical Center (Wis.) / The historic Perry Norwegian settlement

Chapter 4: Spring Valley School District,   pp. 72-90 PDF (7.4 MB)

Page 72

46.   T. Bower and wife
Their house and outbuildings were all destroyed in
the May 23, 1878, tornado.
daughter, name unknown
Ole H. and Aaste (Hoff) Huser
Carl and Lena (Anderson) Milestone
Both were from this school district. Carl was born
and raised on farm 30, while Lena's parents had
farmed at 5, 21, and 22. Carl's brother, Edward,
also stayed in the school district, at farm 30.
Junice, Curtis, Harvey, Clayton
William and Eva (Anderson) Grimstad
Buildings were razed.
47.   Jul and Synnove Hovrud
Synnove was said to be of an "Aristocratic" family in
Norway. She was well-educated and spoke seven
languages. Local legend holds that she came to
America with the promise of a marriage, perhaps, to
a minister, which did not occur. Here, she met and
married Jul Hovrud, a farmer, several years her
Olin, Joseph, Nora
Olin and Joseph never married--both were farmers,
and both were young men when they died. Nora
graduated from the University of Wisconsin and
furthered her education in International Law with
study in Europe. She married Dr. Noe, a dentist in
Bennie and Verna (Martinson) Grundahl
Thomas, Karolyn, Alice, Bradford
Milton and Emma (Brinager-Anderson)
Malcolm, Darleen, Grace, Robert
Orrin and Ruth (Anderson) Olson
Orrin was remembered by locals as "Windy."
William and Edna (Paulson) Kellesvig
David, Paul, Robert
Robert and Marcia (Hagland) Kellesvig
Michelle, Michael, Robbie
Philip and Jean (Elmer) Evanson
Lacy, Douglas
Jean (Elmer) Evenson
Lacy, Douglas
48.   Ole and Carolina (Grinder) Grimstvedt
Known as Olson. Ole was a Civil War volunteer
(under the name Ole Olson)
Evan and Clara (Grimstvedt) Swenson
Edith, Hazel, Erwin
Erwin died in W.W. I.
George and Hazel (Swenson) Lund
Paul, Mary Ann
Joseph Hovrud
He was a native of the Daleyville School District,
having been born and raised across the road on
farm 47.
Jacob and Sena (Thompson) Mani
Beatrice, Russell, Charmin
Lars and Marie (Skuldal) Kvamme
John and Rachel Ovadal
John Jr., Kristine, Ralph, Paul, Ann,
Alan and Marie Langeteig
Roland Olson and Phoebe Blackman
Katie, Rose, Daniel (Blackman)

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