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Gleanings of '24

Alumni letters,   pp. 37-38

Page 37

3052 Kingsbridge Ave., 
New York Cit , 
Feb. 5, 1924. 
Dear friends: 
Having been requested to write a short letter I will tell you something about
I want to congratulate the Annual Staff of this year's book for re-establishing
the Alumni Section. That section was very conspicuous by its absence last
year and 
I think was missed by a great many "old grads." 
The Radio Institute of America that I am attending is controlled by the Radio
Corporation of America. It is located in two rooms on the third floor at
336 Broadway. 
This location is right in the downtown section only about four or five blocks
the famous Woolworth Building and about a ten minute walk to Wall Street.
latter is at the foot of Manhattan Island and from there one can look out
into New 
York Harbor, the busiest in the world. 
Seeing New York City is an opportunity that most people don't have and which
I thought I never would. However I am here and have seen some of the most
ing places which space does not permit me to describe. It is truly a "Wonder
and I would advise anyone to come and visit for a couple of weeks or so,
but as far 
as living here, "they don't" and Wisconsin is good enough for me.
To those of my old classmates of the class of 1920, who read this letter
I wish 
to give my best regards and hope they have all kinds of success in whatever
they may be. A great many have already fallen into matrimonial life, which
is hard 
to realize, and for them I hope all their troubles will be little orkes.
In closing, I wish the 1924 Annual all kinds of success in every way. 
Respectfully yours, 
Lloyd V. Bonner, 
Class 1920. 
Dear Ex-Schoolmates: 
As I was a member of the Oconto Falls High School last year and was editor
of the annual; I still am much interested in the work of the Oconto Falls
High School. 
While in school I was a member of the Camp Fire Girls; the Girl Scouts and
on the Annual Staff for two years. 
I liked High School very much but enjoyed my senior year most of all. I was
a student of the Teachers' Training Department. During this year I had a
attendance and was exempt from all examinations. The night of graduation
regretted most of all; not only the thought of it being the parting night,
but the 
thought of appearing before a crowd to give the opening address. 
At present I am teaching in a rural school near Gillett and I enjoy the work.
I wish the staff much success on the publication of "The Gleaning's
of '24" and I 
send my greetings to the class of 1924. 
June Nelson. 
While discussing the possibility of forming a perfect government 
for the world Mr. Holzman asked: "What would the earth be like and 
what would we do?" 
Homer: "It would be a second Paradise and the greatest industry 
would be the manufacturing or harps." 
"Change your color." 

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