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The Edgerton story: a history of Edgerton, Wisconsin

Schools,   pp. 76-78

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January 1884 it was decided to build a church
and the building was dedicated in December
1884. A greatly remodeled and enlarged
church is still not adequate for the large
membership to worship at one time.
The First Congregational church of Edger-
ton was organized in October 1889 with 32
members, at a meeting at the home of Robert
Attlessey. Henry Marsden was the first and
for many years, Sunday school superintend-
ent. Meetings were held at the Taylor house
and Rev. L. H. Keller was the minister from
1889 to 1894.
In 1845, three years before Wisconsin be-
came a state, a school was started in Win.
Bliven's log house, with Sherman Fassett as
teacher. The following year a little red
school house was built in the woods near the
county line on William Bliven's farm and it
was used for the next 10 years for civil and
religious meetings. The first school meeting
of District No. 8 of the town of Fulton was
held July 2, 1856. A question as to the size
of the building was greatly debated. Charles
Dickinson walked 5 miles after a day of
painting on a farm house to attend the con-
troversial school meeting where the vote of
the meeting was for the erection of a build-
ing but won only by one vote. A two story
building was then erected in 1856 on a lot
5 by % rods, large at the corner of Henry
and Rollin streets purchased of H. S. Swift
for $150. $1800 was raised to pay for the
school and $30 was allowed for fuel which
was 173-4 cords of 2 foot wood. In 1857 $250
was raised for teachers wages. In 1867 teach-
ers received $30 a month. There were 251
school age children-46 were in private
schools. Mary Hubbard Burdick had a school
in the old drug store, Miss Louise Thompson
had a school on Fulton St. In 1867 this block
burned. Mrs. Charles Dickinson had 30 pu-
pils who paid $1.50 per quarter apiece and
met in her home which stood near where the
Masonic Temple is now, and later was held in
a room across the street. Mrs. James Croft
was another who had a school in her home.
There were two parochial schools--German
Lutheran held in the church school house;
Mr. Edison Started Something!
Yes, he did start something, but even in 1879, when the first incandescent
lamp was born, Fdgerton was 26 years old. In 1853, candlelight and kero-
sene lamps were the vogue. Look around you today. Quite a change, don't
you think?
Ready Kilowatt was a very small fellow in those days, but my how he has
Congratulations Edgerton
On 100 Years of Progress
Wisconsin Power and Light Co
- 1953

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