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Redington, Edward S. / Papers, 1862-1867
Wis Mss EQ, Folder 2 ([unpublished])

[Transcribed letter from Edward Redington to his wife, Mary: Helena, Arkansas, February 6, 1863],   pp. 33-34

Page 33

Helena, Ark., Feb. 6, 1863.
Dear Mary:
I received yours of the 31st, all came to headquarters
yesterday and was eagerly perused. I suppose you are all yet
alive and well, but you do not say anything about it, and I
can only guess that if you were sick you would mention it; but
as you promised to write in a day or so I live in hopes that
you may say something about it then.
I have nothing of interest to write about, except that we
have been quiet and have moved our camp back to the high ground,
being notified by the gradual approach of the Father of Waters
that our abiding longer on his bank was making ourselves liable
to a closer intimacy that we would like to accord, so we fled
to the hills for safety and have just got the last of our sick
to camp. The roads were so bad that we had to carry them on
stretchers about two miles and it was a rather tedious job.
The river has risen over twenty feet since we came here, we are
now encamped on a big plantation on a slope between the hills
and the river, and if it was not for the mud it would be a very
pleasant place. The woods on the hills look more like the North
than anything I have seen since we left Milwaukee, they are cover-
ed with beach, maple, whitewood, and other trees of Northern
growth and look very much like old friends; the grand old forest
are splendid ever in undress and must be magnificent when fully
- 33 -

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