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Ewbank, Henry Lee, 1893- / Who should pay the doctor bills?

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                            FURTHER READINGS
 Besides the infopation that can be acquired by making a study of
 local conditions and that found in this mimeograph, the Department of
 Debating and Public Discussion, University Extenuion Division, Madison,
 has prepared material that can be secured for loan purposes on request
 to that department. Any of the material listed below may be secured
 there. In requesting loan package libraries from the Department of Do-
 bating and Public Discussion, it is desirable to give the dato upon
 which the information can be usad to advantage, in order that tho latest
 material may bo at your disposal. Also, the particular articles desired
 should be speocified; otherwise a more gonoral package of material will
 be sent.
 1.  Survey Graphic, Decombor, 1934.  (Special issue on medical care).
 2. "A Picture-Book about the Costs of Madical Care", Julius Rosenwald
     Funds 4901 Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
 3. Debate Handbook on Socialized Medicine. Prepared by the National
     University Extension Association, September 1, 1935.
 4. "Medical Economics" by Brooks Quimby. (Includes a bibliography
     and discussion).
 TOPIC 1. The Problem as it Affects the Patient
 5. "The Economic Aspects of Medical Services". Reprint of two
     of Publication No. 27 of the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care
     (Ianua-ey, 1933). The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill. 1935.
 6.  Fundemental Facts on the Costs of Medical Care. by I. S. Falk.  Re-
     printosd from the Quarterly Bulletin of the Milbank Memorial Fund
     Volumo X1, No. 2, April, 1933.
 7. The Ability to Pay for Medical Care. Publication No. 25 of the Com-
    mittoe on the Costs of Medical Care by the University of Chicago Press
    Published by Louis S. Rood, Ph. D.
 TOPIC 2. The Problem as it Affocts the Doctor
 8.  The Costs of Medical Education by R. G. Leland, M.D., Assistant Direct-
     or, Bureau of Health and Public Instruction. American Medical Asso-cia-
     tion. Chicago. Reprinted from The Journal of the Aiorican Medical As-
     sociation, Feb. 28, 1931, Vol. 96, pp. 682-690
 9. Incomes of Physicians. Abstract of Publication No. 24 of the Comnittae
     on the Costs of Medical Caroe by Maurice Levon, Ph.D., December, 1932.
10. The Plight of the Poctor by Goorgo W. Aspinwall. Tho Amurioan-Morcury
    May, 1935.

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