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Build Wisconsin

Build Wisconsin [1925, no. 41],   pp. [1]-[3] PDF (946.8 KB)

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B u i'l d
     These Sheets,
published Weekly in
the Interests of the
Community  News-
paper, are Issued by
the  Department   of
Agricultural Journal-
ism of the Wisconsin
College of Agriculture
in co-operation with
the Weekly Press of
   Wis consin
Volumr 3  October 19, 1925  Number 41
    I am the friend of the family, the
bringer of tidings from other friends.
I speak to the home in the evening-litht
of summer's vineclad ScLrch, or in the
glow of winter's lamp.
    I help coo make this evening hour: I
record the great and the small, the varied
acts of the days and weeks that go to
make up life.
    I am for and of the home; I follow
those who leave humble beginnings, whether
they go to greatness or to the gutter; I
take to -them the thrill of the old days,
with wholeomine messages.
    I speak the language of the comwon
man; my words are fitted to his under-
standing.  My congregation is larger than
that of any church in my town - my readers
are more than those in the schools. Young
and old alike find in me stimulation, in-
struction, entertainment, inspiration,
solace, comfort. I am the chronicler of
birth and love and death - the great facts
of man's existence.
    I bring together buyer and seller, to
the benefit of boLh:   I am ,art of the
market )lace of the world: Into the home
I carry word of the goods which feed and
cloth and shelter, and wiiich minister to
comfort, ease, health and happiness.
    I am the
of the year,
the archives
word of the week, the history
the record of my community in
of stato and nation.
    I[ am the exionent of the lives of my
    I am the Courtry Newspaper -
                     - Selected
J                            L
      Use Editorials
      A considerable part
  of the prestige which
  the country weekly should
  enjoy must first be cro-
  ated by calling attention
  t o its position through
  its editorial columns.
      From time to time
  print worthwiiile expiress-
  ions which should help
  to establish the country
  weekly as a worth while
  institution in the minds
  of its readers.
       1                    ~~~~~~r
- I

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