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Build Wisconsin

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Buil Blc
BStrnger B uild Wisconsin
  Volume 3                                          Number 4
                       January 26, 1925
    "First, Last and Always - Better Badger I.Aeeklies"
_ TE
_______  .plications for entry in the Nowspapor Contcst
     gained momnntun during the past soven days. The per-
     sonal letter from E. F. Kramer, of THE OREGON OBSERVER,
   worked wondcrs for the Co..munity Editorial Pagc Class. This
   class, Which fornorly had the srmallest number of cntries, now
 ranks in popularity with both the Front Lago LIko-Up Class and
.F    U11U PrLIl' NRVJR Iruln                                           
       The list of entrants discloses the fact that the wcoklios pub-
lish;d in tie small towns are not going to stay at hone during the
first wouk in February.   Fur several publications edited in towns
hlaving loss than 500 hoads have already entered thie contest.
       During the coming wic(k application blanks, all filled out, and
papers, to be entered, should literally rain into the o~fico of BUILD
W.ISCONSIN.  Let's make the list of entrants in next week's issue of
B. '.W. longer than it over has been.  Only you follows, who haven't
sent in your application, can help to put thi's over.
       Below is the list that untured during'tho past weck:
     EDITOR                         WE.7SPAPER
,1. P. Poavy                  DARLINGTON REPUBLICAN-JOURNAL
1.. H. Conrad                  LEDFORD STAR-1EXVS
Fra.ik B. Gussler             BANGOR INDEPNIDENT
  OrnQ] Ten Dacs Unti) Press Week
              This~sheet is in the interests of the community newspaper.
Issued by the Department of Agricultural Journalism of the Wisconsin College
of Agriculture
               in cc-operation with the Wisconsin Press Association.

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