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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

Medical supervision,   pp. 14-15 PDF (323.3 KB)

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awarded will be sent to you upon request of J. A. James,
Asst. Dean, College of Agriculture.
  Someone will be in attendance at the registration counter
to answer inquiries at any time.
  Articles from Home. Students will need overalls and
jacket and these may be brought from home. Rubber-soled
shoes, such as tennis shoes, light sweaters or jerseys are at
times needed in physical education work. Physical educa-
tion is required of all. A light gymnasium suit is required
and a regulation gymnasium towel may be purchased in
Madison. Laundry for gymnasium suit and towels is pro-
vided by the gymnasium fee.
  Books. A number of books will be needed by Winter
Course students. It is impossible to state in advance, what
books will be required and it is not advisable for prospective
students to buy any textbooks until they are instructed to
do so.
                   Medical Supervision
  Special attention is given to the health of the student-
body. The health of the students will be cared for by the
clinical department of the School of Medicine. The students
will be given a medical examinaton on entrance and any
student feeling indisposed will be at liberty to consult the
physicians in charge of the university clinic free of cost at
any time. The university puts forth every effort to safe-
guard the health of the student-body.

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