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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1893-94 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

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      PRI                 149                 RAA
Pride Robert (Pride & Guenther and Pride & Maine), res. 517
Pride & Guenther (Robert Pride and Julius Guenther), flour
  mills, Green Bay, s. of John.
Pride & Maine (Robert Pride and Andrew J. Main), grocers,
  788 College av.
Priebe Andrew, gatekpr. C. & N. W. Ry, res. 1089 Parkhurst.
Probst Michael, lab., res. 631 Maple Grove.
Probst Michael Jr., ice peddler, res. 529 Franklin.
Proctor Anna M. (wid. Benjamin F.), res. 529 College av.
Proescher Charles, freight handler, res. 377 Locust.
Proescher John, lab., res. 377 Locust.
Prouty Edward A., genl. see. Y. M. C. A., 805 College av., res.
  893 Prospect.
Puffer Caroline (wid. Ira), res. 523 Alton.
Puffer Libbie R. Miss, dressmkr, 523 Alton, res. same.
Puffer Ransom F., carpenter, res. 851 Fair.
Puffer Stella R. Miss, dressmkr, 523 Alton, res. same.
Pulp Wood Supply Co., H. A. Frambach, pres.; W. Z. Stuart,
  v.-pres.; Lyman E. Barnes, sec. and treas.; W. S. Taylor,
  mngr.; 586 Morrison.
Purath Frederick, lab., res. 1032 Harriman.
Putnam Della Miss, res. 676 Richmond.
Putnam Stella Miss, res. 676 Richmond.
Putnam Thomas, capt. U. S. dredge No. 2, res. 676 Richmond.
Putney Chas Lee, bkpr. Appleton Mnfg. Co., res. 1036 Lawrence.
Putney Cora B. M\iss, milliner, res. 850 Oneida.
Putney George, farmer, res. w. s. State road, nr. 2d av.
Putney Susan C. (wid. George W.), res. 850 Oneida.
Pynn Alfred, patternmkr, res. 935 Morrison.
Pynn Emma L. Miss, teacher Amicus bldg., res. 921 Morrison.
Pynn George, carpenter, res. 921 Morrison.
Pynn Hugh E., carpenter, res. 770 Commercial.
Pynn Irving E., bookkeeper, res. 921 Morrison.
UADE Gustie (wid. Nicholas), res. 1215 8th.
       Quinn Edward, lab., res. 744 Clark.
 R AAB Emma, domestic 745 Richmond.
      Raab Joseph, baker, res. 789 Maple Grove.
Raab Theresa (wid. George), res. 981 8th.

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