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Stare, Fred A. (ed.) / Story of Columbus 4: pp. 601-821

[Story of Columbus installments],   pp. 601-821 PDF (119.4 MB)

Page 601

the cars. When we got      L6ry
00,1 zpus, &,C. we were march-  gave. each name, and, we - _,sh
d  and kept an  JUIA& - All of this time teews: Wore  the train for
I** their jail yar,                                                     -Iock
366:h ' The net'niorAW, '06fober, flowitkg down their faces, vmen i  At 10 We
AM GMWW a*ed meto        a joyful m
"J."_-, zAh we left Columbus f4  Cfiar   came up,,                        Wbo left  us at- a
show, my Abitelde$ and ironVoka
-N-C.,-i-The prisoners bad to            %Ve'A shM   descrip-  others whom   h
shme theIr train for sevien, and he -WM 9
aa takeij  pla      the battle of Sb",
-The   -  tion. Of what h          ce.
to, get i&d Charlotte.  en                                     Our regimeat.- left
got out- of order, so we had   The President asked us if we
'it Atong for seven miles.  wished' t0  get -any clothing, a-nd  Vhis January 12tfigW
on the 2sth for  we told him that we had no MoneY.  tfie4,Jamiary 1W
by the way of, Peters-  He then said that made no differ-  Ijamiiq*
'AXTjvcd at Libby,,prison De-  ence, but that we could get what  the               M
xott It was here, for the   we wanted. 14e would -nriake such  Memphii ,on'
Urrie dialing Prison life, that  arrangements with the clothing  o'clock
&0 white bread. We got bet-  stores on. the avenue-. We were   river *Jih
prison than in   all asked          the President  vision,,
IR-3wo I was.. in. RAi rnjiin-  at the capitol that evening. 'After  Arthur,
a 4port time, wb left %we bad assembled, Gen. Prentiss  On dw,
_eC short time;- we left  gave a short account of- the most  here
November i6th.   important incidents that took place  duty,
hem paroled and turned   while we were in prison. I think  and
W our government.            there were more thaif five thousand  two
Ueut. 'Randolph  to ru
I vAskyou to go back  Persons Present                   burg_
my'twenty-seven years ago    and myself were called upon
up" theseene that took  sh6* our shackles and I also show  on.
at  ,kkib 1,.afiding. four miles  ed some'of the bonework. which I  on
on the lames riv-, had made.                        ed u
ar"    I J V   wift ever'be fresh  When we separated at the White  dence
iY  -mt L There were sixteen' House our desires for new cloth-  South.:.
lwwcb had been de-   ing led us to the bath house, bar-  r
t*)Ahs of every-  her shopand to the clothing Stores.  Pr6du
,wwwcessary to the    Me botelswere opened, free frorn, 10th 1.
It was                     prisoners, and,
charge, to all the                Men
U*y ho no use. forblood  when we had cornpleW  our change  was a
AV,                 the  We hardly  nevv each. other. We all  planters,
-_#eri Aood a South Caro-               and on the next day  her of
In open rank with   started -for our homes, which lay  miles
M,*44tripes floating in the  scattered in all parts of the United  came.10 at'
Wh4,     came to, the di,  States. I arrived home 'November  by a man
*Ore                                               ad-  He claiiInned
waved. the two  24. 1862, At Madison, Wis., the
and Confederate,   jutaixt general told ug to hold vtw-  Man :Ile
W-,,,Stde by siO stood  selves in readiness to report. at  taken eve
any time      that he w6uld give  We saw, wat
a South.Carolina           and
us; notice when we    to. do. h r,  nearly a mile
*W tl)e,'Alags. The Ten-                    were
all wore . theif  ther duty.                      which 1,o( ked
ended my first.            "Wo
nd *hIti gloves,    Comrades, thus                          1.
was'proud to starAl  memories and brought me.back to  that was. he said*
1 alp"O,        Such a feel-  my home and friends, where there . and: he said it
Me when I         were no mom bayonetz placed ovw   ters. We then,'
'N                thai good old flag  my . heart. . On the twenty secodd  were after- We
tbeft forget lt - :1 kissed  -of December, IN2, 1 reoeive4 n6-  14owftig
ipid Aled, tears,,pthd -it *w  tico from  the adjutant generaiI 'our amy had to"
h difficulty that I went     ng that he had received notice  -eat Ile then said
the, boat- my limbs alivoot   cis W report am  to rvpmt to   erates had taken,
Wa    As * 'tame t6    him at Madison at com. On the    h4d. At this t
2&%VI went. to MvAson andoe -the  came out 'and

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