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Sebenthal, Betty; Darrow, M.M.; Babcock, Vera; Kittleson, Ansel (ed.) / The Mount Horeb centennial book : 1861-1961

Part thirteen: Schools,   pp. 91-94 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 91

by Mrs.
A history of Mt. Horeb would not be complete
without some background information pertain-
ing to our present school system. Before Wis-
cousin was organized as a territory in 1836, there
was no provision for public education in the
region. The first schools were established by the
Jesuits for the purpose of converting and civili-
zing the Indians. In the period from 1836 to
1860 the schools were small log structures, poorly
equipped, with rough plank seats. The teachers
were chosen from   the settlements at hand,
whether qualified or not. As early as 1836 the
pioneers in what is now Blue Mounds township
realized the need of education and built the
first school in this section. It was erected in
Brigham's Woods, near the present site of the
Cave of the Mounds.
By 1837 the federal government set aside every
sixteenth section in Wisconsin townships for
school lands. Most of the townships in Dane
County were settled in the 1840's, so school
houses in that decade sprang up on every hand.
Although the exact date is not available, Dis-
trict No. 1, or the Haney School, was erected a
few years prior to 1866 on a lot a short distance
Irom "lirackenwagon's Corner", now known as
"Luhman's Corner", about a mile west of the
village. When the railroad came through in
1881, the school building had to be moved for the
right-of-way, but continued on until the close of
the 1882-1883 term.
The 1883 fall term opened with most of the
Haney pupils and Mt. Horeb children attending
classes in a building near the stockyards, which
had been operated as a saloon during the build-
ing of the railroad. A Miss M. Maynard has the
honor of being the first teacher in the village of
Mt. Horeb. The 1884 fall term opened in th-
new one-room brick school house on Vest Main
Street, known as District No. 1, but by 1887 the
building was enlarged to provid,
In order not to break the seq
Haney school history, we have niC
our story, for the first public schoc
our village in 1875 in the old town, I
southern section of what is now Un
facing Ninth Street. It was orig
room frame building, but later a 1
second room were added. This bhii
use until 1918, when it was remo
additional space for the expansion
As the village grew and prospei
school house on West Main Street
then known as the new town, becai
adequate, and in 1889 a two-story b
was erected to the east of the first
the course of time, facilities were
quate, and this time the roof of the
was raised and a second story adde,
buildings were in use until the corn
original part of the present scho
January, 1919.
A significant development in Mt.
cational system occurred in 1893 v
pletion of the Lutheran Academy
Dahie, a pioneer businessman, h
five acres of land from Carl Boeck
tention of plotting the area for horn
S. Gunderson persuaded Mr. Dahle
acreage to be used as the site for
Academy the church was planning
large brick structure was complete
cost of about $12,00. The entire st
bv free-will offerings from the F
Horcb and vicinity. Classes opene
for several weeks the student hod
local furniture store. On October .
was ready for use, and 116 stude

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