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Sebenthal, Betty; Darrow, M.M.; Babcock, Vera; Kittleson, Ansel (ed.) / The Mount Horeb centennial book : 1861-1961

Part eleven: Organizations,   pp. 73-82 PDF (4.1 MB)

Page 73

Prepared Under the Direction of Mrs.
by Mrs. Banford Dahlen
In the days of the old town Mt. Horeb the
basement of the Methodist Church was used as
a meeting place for organizations, and it was
probably there in 1875 that Mt. Horeb Grange
was organized with 31 members. Its purpose
was to advance social needs and combat the eco-
nomic backwardness of farm life. Its program
also favored legislation to correct grievances of
farmers and obtain better farm prices.
There were also many temperance societies in
those days, Sons of Temperance, Society of Law
and Order, and Independent Order of Good
Templars, I.O.G.T.-the latter sometimes jok-
ingly paraphrased as "I Often Ge
were 21 charter members of Sons
when it was organized in 1874,
about 60 members.
There were two later organiza
did not survive. One was th e C
organized at the high school. d
1915 and 1916 by two teachers, '
and Miss Margaret Piper. Duri
vacations Mrs. Fred Hanneman hi
activities. Among other things t
Red Cross kits for soldiers in t
About 1926 the Euterpea Club
for the study of music, art and
a membership of 20 and met one
Jorgen M. Moe
This page is dedicated to jorgen M. Moe, who,
as secretary of the Mt. Horeb Chamber of Com-
merce from 1931-1958, was sometimes referred
to as "Mr. Mt. Horeb". Jorgen worked unstint-
ingly to publicize his town and received many
citations for his public services. Among these
were citations from both the state and federal
governments for his work on Selective Service,
and a citation from the Wisconsin Council of
Defense fnr hi, wir+ ini rnnnof;nn      flrh th-
by Fred H. Han
Business and professional
realized, as all communities
of an organization was neces
build community spirit. The
tered by the Mt. Horeb Bat
in 1923 when a group of b
sional men organized the 1
ment Association. The Mt
moted the first Harvest Fe!
huge success and brought th,
organization into focus. E
professional men were chari
organization with the purpos
general welfare of Mt. Hort
C. 0. Ruste was president,
president, C. P. Brechler, tre
Hanneman, secretary.
The change to a Chamber
made January 10, 1929, witl
president. It has fostered
Mt. Horeb and deserves a gr(
the growth and development
outstanding achievements mi
Harvest Festivals and Fal
house for industry, village al
chase for industrial develo
grams, county park, C.C.C. C
Portal to Wonderland". fa
onf ord

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