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Goeres, Henry / Yellowbird : a true tale of the early settlement of Town Schleswig, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

XI. The evangelist,   pp. 41-44 PDF (1.3 MB)

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ie in contact with others. Yellowbird continued as though she
I not heard Fichte's remark: "As soon as the disproportion be-
├Żen the sexes has been rectified, the Indians will need neither
icilization nor Ciristianity, Hence it is necessary that the women
ome independent in order to assume a more energetic air. Then
y will have oonuqueredt Physically I am not stronger than they
I The whole difference lies in my consciousness of possessing
Crights. However, nmy dear Fritz, since Christ is dead, Chris-
iity has ceased to awaken this consciousness in any person.  By
by I will relate to you some of my expeicences with Christianity
our camp. The last case I became cognizant of I will tell you at
e. "The story of the evangelist, as related by Yel[owbird, was
                oXI. THE EVANGELI$T.
6. c, o   s evnert  ait -woxyme          camp.e
he'whole earth with a slhroud, entered our camp.
ied by two sanctimonious looking brethren who
ts to imitate the facial contortions of their leader.
the Wisconsin River is pitched on higher ground,
g from~ afar. The Indians w~hom they addressed
simply pointedt my wigwam, at which the soul-
soon rapped for admitance.  When I stepped out
ttired like a queen, the minister at once inaugurated
a    solemn tone of voice that even our dogs got
tenzed. His words were something like this: 'G
and preach the Gospel, hath said a God, the sole
n, a God whoQ udeth with his strong hand ,the sun,
stars. He is the sole and just God whom, pitytis,
who have not yet been. received into the grace of
lo w who accompanied him assumed a position like
le-factors who were on te cross with Christ, and be-
ly. The evangelist spoke furt    "As I have been
uling spirit of these people who have not yet ben
grace of God. It is said that you are thoroughly on-
3agiage of the natives and are not devoid of edu-
ohe esteeed Q~ueen of these savages, that fleps1 is
at the life of promise is everlasting. The salvation
'y subjects lies in your hands. .Oh, oh, grant them
rnal, heavenly glories!   '"Woe, woe! saith the
o received hi~spromise and heard it not! Woe, woe!
eyes and see nqt, and ears and hear not! The sole
utch  ' from  his sight into the uttermlost .darkness
be wail~ing and gnash ing of teeth.  Conider tha
responsible for all these souls, for you have received

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