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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's Appleton city directory 1925. Containing an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens of Appleton, a miscellaneous directory of city, county and village officers, banks, buildings, churches, colleges, schools, secret and benevolent, trade and social organizations, etc. Also improved street and avenue guide, and householders' directory of Appleton, a "buyers' guide" and a complete classified business directory

[S],   pp. 351-398 PDF (17.7 MB)

Page 351

           APPLETON CITY DIRECTORY (1925)        351
Russell Walter M elk r920 (430) E Franklin
Russell Winnifred bkpr Appleton Shirt & Pants Co r309
    (691) N Catherine
Ruth Edith M student r920 (428) E Pacific
Ruth John M (May) carp h920 (428) E Pacific
Rutz Aug (Bertha) lab hl010 (928) N Clark
Ruwoldt Henry (Christine) carp h1223 (997) N Harriman
Ruwoldt John (Bertha) h522 (764) N Superior
Ryan Claire student r703 (395) S Cherry
Ryan Clement E (Margt) phys 113 (779) E Lawrence h do
Ryan Edw h1703 (934) S Oneida
Ryan Jas r1703 (934) S Oneida
Ryan Louise r106 (786) E Franklin
Ryan Margt r1703 (934) S Oneida
Ryan Mary r1703 (934) S Oneida
Ryan Nolan A (Desa) slsmnn DeBfaufer Oil Co h606 (802)
    N Oneida
RYAN PATRICK HI (Josephine; Ryan & Long), h106
    (786) E Franklin, Phone 484
Ryan Rose' student r703 (395) S Cherry
Ityan Ruth student r703 (395) S Cherry
Ryan Thos H (Eliz A; Rvan & Cary) 11703 (395) S Cherry
Ryan Wn II (Agnes) pureh agt h219 (541) S Morrison
tAxN & CARfl' (Thonmas 1i Ryan, Paul V Cary), Lawyers
    2d Floor 103 (S03) W College av, Phone 303
RYAN & LO)NG (P H Ryan, T J Long), Plumbing Con-
    tractors 206 (S42) W College av, Phone 217 (See right
    top lines and pagre 66)
1?yser Peter (Louisa) h6,26 (1030) W Prospect
Sachs Otto (Laura) paperwkr Interlake P & P Co h330
    (902) W Summer
Xaehs Ulrich (Minnie) lab h420 (632) E Commercial
-iackett Cora r229 (675) N Park av
icred Heart Church 801 (809) S Monroe
.tCred Heart School 225 (687) Harrison
'adlier Jos bkpr Fox River Ildw Co res Kaukauna Wis
-aecker Austin mgr Associated Adv Agcy r414 (726) N
-├Żaecker Carleton E (Margt) supt Appleton Mach Co h413
    (725) N Drew
SA(ECKER-DIDEIIIICH CO, Win F Saeeker Pres, Frank
    E Saecker V-Pres, Johin It Diderrich See-Treas, Fur-
    niture, Rugs and Draperies 103-105 (7S9-91) E College
    av and 112-114 S Oneida, Plhone 266 (See page 53)
'\E(CKER FRANK F, Pres Appleton Machine Co, V-Pres
    Saecker-Diderrich Co, h209 (651) iN Union
SECKER HERMAN G (Margaret), Sec-Treas Appleton
   Machine Co, h414 (726) N Union
o   >
::l  n MY

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