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Yesteryears - the history of Albany

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Information for this book was compiled and edited by
The Centennial Research Committee of the Village of
Albany, This committee was appointed by the Village
Board -in January, 1983, for the purpose of publishing a
book about the history of Albany. The committee con-
sisted of the following persons: Raymond A. Pohl.
Chairman; Julia Broughton, Helen Graves, Wilbur K.
Dehmer, and Marcelline Graves Wilson. In addition
assistance was given by Florence Atkinson, Boyd
Atkinson, Mary Striker and Ervin Coplien. Margaret
Pohl gave invaluable assistance. Arthur Broughton pro-
vided all photo processing. The committee gratefully
acknowledges the use of photographs and mementos
granted by many persons during the course of the
research. Lack of space and fear of leaving out names
allows the committee only to extend its appreciation to
each and every one of you - whoever and wherever you
may be. An attempt has been made to record the history
of our village, using all recorded facts that could be
discovered - also adding items of human interest that
needed to be preserved. The information we learned
from the following publications: "History of Green
County," C. W. Butterfield, et al; "Memoirs of Green
County," Charles A. Booth, Editor and "History of
Green County," Helen Bingham, is acknowledged.
Also, many trips were made to the State Historical
Society Library in Madison to read microfilm of the
newspapers that have been published in the Village
since the 1800's. If interest or items about a particular
family were not mentioned, it was not intentional. It was
only because needed information was not uncovered.
It is hoped that the book is enjoyed now and in the
future by all persons who have a love for Albany.
A  sad footnote-Albany lost two of its oldest
citizens -Blanche Jones and Ernest W. Kittleson, both
of whom were interested in Albany history and supplied
the committee with photos and information for the
book. Mr. Kittleson died at age 90 on April 28, 1983;
Mrs. Jones, 94, died on May 7, 1983. Their lively interest
in this book added much to its content and provided the
committee with many pleasurable conversations.

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