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1944 annual report county agricultural agent Winnebago County Wisconsin

Conservation,   pp. 12-13 PDF (605.6 KB)

Page 12

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    We have thought of conservation in terms of natural rosourcoeo
human resourceso machinery and farm buildings.
     Through the facilities of the Utato 9htension Department, Ur.
J. g. Poole has been made available for part timS service in this
county in the interest of land uis. Most of his time has been devoted
to Individual contacts with farmars having specific dzainag probl_.
In some eaotiono of the county, Mr. Poole has given sroice and advice
on erosion control. Approzimately 150 farmers hava been contacted and
helped with their draiaage$ erosion problams. 250 soil samples have
been brought in for testing.
     A brief survey of the countyw   made with Mr. F.3. D  reT k to
determine what might bo advisable In the devolopment of wood lots and
arose best adapted.
     Rat baiting campaign to roduce losses and waste waS oodiUctod.
Futuro &ISM
     Mr. Poole will continue to be available and soil surveys are
being made. Soil testing service is being made available through this
office, togother with advice on fertilizers, better use of manure eto.
     Rat baiting campaign will be continued.
     Farm safety as a means of conserving human resources was stressed
 particularly through the 4-I Olub groups and at some comminity gatherzigs.

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