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Weston centennial

Weston sports

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A fun loving and sports minded group has
always existed in the town. At first it was log
rolling, "Indian wrestling" and some of the
hardy early pastimes.
As baseball became popular and the more
youthful population grew to a point that allowed
teams to gather, Kelly formed a team to compete
with nearby communities of comparative, and
often much larger, size.
The first Kelly team was organized in
1901 and has kept up the spirited type of base-
ball playing that the town can truly be proud of
for almost sixty years. Often meeting teams
supposedly stronger in a number of ways, Kelly
has numerous times caused "upsets" that lifted
eyebrows and earned the town team great ad-
miration in local baseball circles.
Since 1953, Weston feels proud indeed of
the sports activities at D. C. Everest Junior-
Senior High, of which the town is a "partner"
in a large school district.
Everest started "from scratch" in 1953
under the direction of Howard Stiehm, Athletic
Director, to form a sports activity program.
The first two years were pretty rough
going, but the following two years the "Stiehm
Rollers" really started rolling, collecting a tie
with Mosinee in football, then winning the
championship in the Lumberjack Conference the
next year.
The past two years the school has been
in the Wisconsin Valley Conference, showing
championship power all along in football.
Athletic activities for boys include in
addition: Baseball, Track, Basketball, Volley-
ball, Wrestling, and for a time, Golf. The latter
has been dropped recently by the conference as
a competetive sport due to course availabilities
and class conflictions.
Girls activities are mostly within the
school. The Girl's Athletic Association covers
a number of sports, and each year cheer leaders
are chosen from among the candidates who ex-
press desires and talents to inspire Everest
teams to conquer other conference teams at
home and "abroad". Obviously, the girls have
done an excellent job in that department.
The ten members of the Kelly Baseball Team (1908-9) were identi-
fied as follows: 1. to r., John Messerknecht, Clarence Champine,
Neal La Porte, Harry Pronto, "Lquie" Champine, "Herb" Cham-
pine, Ed Petersen, Art La Porte Sr., John Frier and Bill Mellesey.

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