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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. IV, No. 5 (July 1899)

Editorial notes,   pp. 34-35 PDF (504.4 KB)

Page 34

By R. A. Wright in Minnesota Horticulturist.
Now if I were to tell you how I treat the black rasp-
berry field during harvest in a season when there is plenty
of rain, a very few words would express it all. I simply
cultivate once in ten days, to keep the weeds down. During
a dry season, however, much more time and labor are re-
quired to get the best results from the berry field. As I am
a firm believer in the dust blanket to retain moisture, I plan
by cultivating to keep a good blanket of that sort. To keep
the surface of the soil well stirred, I run my twelve tooth
cultivator through the field about every other day, or right
after each picking, as the pickers always pack the soil
more or less, and by cultivating about two inches deep, the
field is in pretty good shape to withstand the drouth. The
quality and quantity of fruit harvested fully repay for the
extra labor. Although it is not customary in our locality
to cultivate the berry field during harvest, I have proved
to my satisfaction that the dust blanket pays.
Mr. Wright is confident that he can keep up the size
of berries until close of season much better than without
Oh, that meeting at Eureka! "Such good times and
we not in them!"
To Henry J. Steop of Eureka was awarded a year's
membership in the State Society and a two-dollar premium,
for writing the best report of the summer meeting written
by a pupil in the public schools.
The list of awards on plants and flowers was not re-
ceived in time for this issue.
In this number of the Horticulturist appears an impor-

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