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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / The Wisconsin horticulturist
Vol. IV, No. 5 (July 1899)

Loudon, F. W.
Mr. Loudon's seedling cherries,   pp. 18-19 PDF (521.5 KB)

Page 18

To begin with we may as well tell you that we had
some beautiful clusters of these cherries put away to be
photographed for the Horticulturist. But when we went
to get them nothing was there but leaves and twigs, every
cherry gone. It wasn't birds, it was a boy and two girls.
The cherries are sour, but the quality is excellent, a
clear, pleasant acid, free from bitterness or astringency.
Mr. Loudon sent us two varieties, one a seedling of the
English Morello, the other of Montmorency. We canned a
few of them and found the canned fruit fine, free from the
slightest suggestion of the "wild" flavor which is apt to be
noticed in our hardy cherries.
Next to their quality we were impressed by their pro-
lificness. We counted a dozen cherries in one cluster and
several other clusters nearly as large on the same twig.
The stems are short, another good trait. The skin is ten-
der, the stones small and the pulp thick and juicy. One
can eat them without any gruesome reminder of "skin and
Following is a letter from Mr. Loudon:
these samples of two varieties of my seedling cherries. I
wish they were fully ripe to give you an idea of their qual-
ity. I have sent some sprays so you can judge of their pro-
I have in my collection of cherries of my own originat-
ing some nine numbers. All are remarkably productive of
extra-size fruit, one-third bigger berry than any Morello
that ever preceded them. The various numbers begin to
ripen with the Early Richmond and come along in succes-
sion so as to prolong the season to about five weeks. The
early varieties are all in size of berry equal to the samples
sent you. The trees all stand in a June grass sod. I do not

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