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Wisconsin State Horticultural Society / Combined annual reports of the Wisconsin State Horticultural Society for the years ending July 1, 1927 and July 1, 1928

Wisconsin State Horticultural Society annual convention,   p. [77] PDF (215.1 KB)

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Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2-1927
Wednesday Morning, November 30
Called to order at 10:00 A. M. in the State Capitol, Madison, Presi-
dent Leverich presiding.
"We have come back to Madison after an absence of two years
to again hold our Annual Convention. It seems good to be here
again and we should consider ourselves very fortunate in meeting
in the finest hall in the state, and especially to have our Chief Execu-
tive with us to bid us welcome.
I do not know whether or not he is particularly interested in Horti-
culture, but I do know that he has the Agricultural interests of the
state closely at heart, and is interested in any movement to better
It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Governor Fred R.
M If R. PRESIDENT, members of the Horticultural Society and
friends, I am indeed pleased to welcome you to the capitol to-
day. However, to have your President say that he does not know
whether or not I am interested in the Horticultural Society indicates
that he did not look at my flower because you see I am one of the
few in this room that is wearing a flower. Then to have him say
this when I was trying to drink all the cider, indicates that he was
not keeping track of what was going on yesterday.
My friends, meetings such as these indicate that we have a par-
ticular object in view. The Wisconsin Horticultural Society meets
because they are interested in apples, because they are interested in
vegetables, because they are interested in flowers. Perhaps we will
have a meeting here next week of cheese men because they are in-
terested in the development of cheese, or perhaps we may have a
meeting of railroad men because they are interested in the develop-
ment of the railroad; Now, whatever line in Wisconsin we are in-
terested in, develops not only that particular line, but it proves to the
benefit and to the advantage of the State of Wisconsin. That is
why we are glad to have found during the last few years, where

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